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i have 22 pred...any interest in making another HT...? mock things up..i will install? $$??
Thank you for the offer but I don’t have the time to do another one. It took me a long time to build . Most of the time was mocking it up many times with different angles / heights and such. Only thing I would change would be to lower the rake of top about 1”in front. Other than that it’s perfect. You are more than welcome to check it out if you wanted . If you can fiberglass, you can build one.
Hi Ship:
long time no hear. Could use your advise, not sure is this Profile Post the same as a PM on the old site? I'm changing email addys or have and my new one is "[email protected]" If this works could you connect with me on the new addy and I will fill you in on what I;m trying to do. Thanks Ship, Tony
Yeah, I did get it but no, it's different than a pm. I visit both sites so I will pm you on both.
Thanx for getting back to me and answering all my questions. I’m afraid I’m going to walk away on this one. Love the boat and the way she looks but the engine issue is something I am not comfortable taking on.
Once again, thanx for your time, it is greatly appreciated.
Good luck with your sale
Think I am pming you. Interested in talking to u about ur Warrior. Have never owned a boat - have done Freedom Boat Club and am thinking I may want to purchase. How easy is it to trailer, launch, and load the Warrior? What type of trailer is it? I notice no bunks or rollers, guess they r not needed?
Mistress, I've got the same boat and engine as you do, and I'm starting to learn about propellers. I am going to take mine off, have it analyzed, and either recondition it or replace it based upon what some performance data tells me. Currently all I know is it is a 17" Michigan... I am curious what you are running? And do you think it is safe to say that this Cummins Mackinaw is about 6,000 lbs dry? Thanks again!

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