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i have 22 pred...any interest in making another HT...? mock things up..i will install? $$??
Thank you for the offer but I don’t have the time to do another one. It took me a long time to build . Most of the time was mocking it up many times with different angles / heights and such. Only thing I would change would be to lower the rake of top about 1”in front. Other than that it’s perfect. You are more than welcome to check it out if you wanted . If you can fiberglass, you can build one.
Hi Ship:
long time no hear. Could use your advise, not sure is this Profile Post the same as a PM on the old site? I'm changing email addys or have and my new one is "[email protected]" If this works could you connect with me on the new addy and I will fill you in on what I;m trying to do. Thanks Ship, Tony
Yeah, I did get it but no, it's different than a pm. I visit both sites so I will pm you on both.

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