Mauser's First Pheasant


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Jun 6, 2014
Pasadena, Md
Yep. That's why we sacrificed a lot of shiny
things in order to buy and work a big chunk of land. I have a shooting preserve license, and release whatever game birds I want to chase and eat. Next year I'll be raising pheasants. My grouse population has rebounded in the past 5 years since I couldn't hunt old Klaus, but Mauser is putting a dent in them. They're the most rewarding for me, as they are a true test for a good bird dog, and humiliating for a gunner. Mauser is a mechanic on them, and I ....well......suck. Here's a video of an exciting moment a few weeks ago. The bird was crippled, and that's why I was repeating "dead bird" - so he wouldn't keep pointing it. I may have hyperventilated there at the beginning!

Enjoyed the video.....he's going to be a good retriever with a little more experience.....Glad to see you have the orange vest and bells on him. I don't know why more bird and waterfowl hunters don't protect their dogs from accidental shooting by doing it. Hats off to you for it.


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Aug 28, 2010
Fort Ann, NY
Yeah, he's a bit possessive with the birds. It'll develop. He finds every bird in the county though, so he gets extra points there!

Safety is always Job Number 1

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