Lep's pics & Engine bed rebuild

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    Does anyone have pictures from Lep's Engine thread? I know there were some issues when the site/s moved from Fishtheclassic a few years back. I'm not finding anything in searches.

    I spent all day yesterday removing rotted engine beds on my 20' and am wondering if I'll go back with the fur 4x8 that was original or go the chopped matt and epoxy rte. that Lep described. I would love to see what he did, visually. The amount of epoxy needed to create that large of a bed would be costly! Anyone know if he made smaller block or same size as what was there? Also, it would be awesome to see what the ratio, and how fine/rough he chopped the matt, to amount of epoxy. Hard to tell by his entertaining documentary without seeing pics.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see there was absolutely no adhesive or mechanical fasteners holding the beds in place, just the fiberglass skin. Wondering what others have done when they re-installed new beds, please share your experiences if you would, much appreciated!

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