Ford 302 vs 5.0


Dec 8, 2020
If you already have a 302/5.0L motor in your boat everything will fit a replacement long block from any parts house or engine rebuilder. Just transfer all the items off the old motor that are'nt on the replacement engine. You can also get a Ford 351 Windsor motor and all items will transfer to it also.
The 351 is wider and the intakes are different.


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Nov 17, 2017
Staten Island, NY
You can still get a 302/5.0L Ford Marine engine. 302 and 305 cubic inches both round to 5L. Chevy and Ford started calling them 5L a while back. I prefer the numbers. Ford still makes the old 302 block and refers to it as a 302 in their crate engine offerings. The 5L in F150s and Mustangs is the newer Coyote version.
I couldn't get a new 302 block in 2002 . got the last of the 357s PCM and put in my 20' cuddy. The increased HP was nice. Slight mods to the engine box ,raise 1,1/4 ". Amazingly it fit the width. 351 is about that much wider as higher.

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