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Feb 13, 2004
Cocoa, FL
I have a 2002 Shamrock Mackinaw and have taken care of the Yanmar 6lpa-stp engine really well and have been very happy wih the boat the last 4 years. However, thanks to a Marina that does not take pride in their work nor show respect for the boats they work on (Bad tech), the warning panel for the engine was damaged. Those familar with the Mackinaw know that the panel is below the gear shifter and has an alarm and a set of lights in a vertical alignment. Some of the warning lights are Engine Temp, Turbo, oil pressure etc.

Would anyone know where to look for a new panel?

Capt. Andy
You may want to try these folks

They can make custom panels and have an on-line designer tool that you can you to specify your design.


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Aug 19, 2006
Port Charlotte Florida
I took a ride today, to the place that did my panel engraving. The store is gutted, but being re-framed. So ya, it was destroyed in IRA but hopefully going to come back, but not in time for your needs. Too Bad, they were much cheaper, and did an Rally nice job.
On that note I'll tell you what I'd look for. Lots of places engrave from the top, down into a contrasting color, I like this place, they engraved from the back, so you could put back light in ( color of your choice) and there was no dirt colletion on the face, like you have with surfaced engraved.
Good luck, done right it will be a nice improvment.

Captain Andy

Mar 24, 2020
Mack Boring Parts had a revised panel and other then it being a little smaller then the original, it worked perfect. To have the engine warning system in operation feels real good especially when the low pressure oil alarm comes on when I first start up and it goes away once pressure builds. That piece of mind is huge on big blue.

A couple of things I did. On the 270 Mac, water likes to come in through the window or any leak from the windshield bottom right corner. And it goes down the upper panel. Under the wood trim I used Seachoice silicone and created a seal all around the wood to the fiberglass. I repeated this under the metal face of the actual signal panel where it meets the wood. The wood itself sat in Dutch wood oil for 24 hours and then left to dry.

The below pic is the finish job. Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction. Also I want to mention the following. I tried making contact to the "new Shamrock" business that is stating that it is bringing back the company and it does Shamrock boat rebuilding and parts etc.....After many attempts, no one ever got back to me by phone or e-mail.

Again thank you guys for the assist.
Capt. Andy

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Apr 1, 2008
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Glad that worked out for you. From the looks of the corrosion on the shifter, I hope you get that leak sealed up. Mine don't leak, but the frames are getting pitted pretty bad. Gpkacz posted in the OEM thread for the window manufacturers to replace them but no response so you might also be in the market if we can identify a source

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