Destroyed boats

Gary S

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Feb 4, 2010
Algonquin Illinois,Key Largo Florida
Probably depends. How do you retrieve it, is it in someone's way, is it insured? etc. A friend lost a 29' Blackfin with relatively new twin 8.1's in the recent Bahamas hurricane. He wanted the engines,so he bought back it from the insurance and junked the rest.


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Dec 15, 2008
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in some cases, the insurance company totals them and can be bought back but usually end up in land fill. some salvage companies buy them to part out and or resale. they are the ones to watch out for. they look undamaged but have suffered water damage. after any big storm these show up in used boat mags and some individuals buy the to sell.

Jim Mcconn

Jun 21, 2021
Do to hurricane Ian where do all of the destroyed boats /yachts go? Are they repaired or scraped? Bless all that were affected 🙏
I passed through Trinidad in 2008 and appearantly many east coast boats take their insurance money and boats there for repairs and refurbishing. If they can get their.

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