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  1. mako2

    Looking to buy 26’

    Slayfish. Are you still looking for a 26? I have a 26 which I very likely will be selling. Best regards Mark.
  2. mako2

    Auxiliary Outboard Motor

    As far as all the weight of the batteries a single 36 volt lithium trolling motor battery is about 59 lbs.
  3. mako2

    Auxiliary Outboard Motor

    Was wondering how much thrust a 9.9 HP high thrust outboard actually has. I have checked both Mercury and Yamaha sites but was not able to find that rating. Looking at various other sources Apparently it does vary somewhat with gearing or prop selected. My thought is would a Rhodan 36 volt...
  4. mako2

    Finally Got the Tower!!

    Looks good Damon. While it would be too tall to trailer with a rigid sun canopy have you considered using a fold down or Bimini top for sun protection? Again Your set up looks great on the boat. Enjoy it.
  5. mako2

    Merry Christmas and best tiding for the New Year

    Hope. It was a magical Christmas for all.
  6. mako2

    Power Winch

    The winch was sold. Thank you for asking and good luck with your search.
  7. mako2

    Got my Mack

    Best of luck with your new boat.
  8. mako2

    Cracked '99 5.7 Vortec Heads

    Sorry for the misfortune on the Vortex heads but glad you were able to catch it before becoming more serious. I am happy for you that you found the positive in the situation. Have a happy Thanksgiving.
  9. mako2

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    Hope the winter passes quickly and you get lots of time to enjoy your boat after the great work you did this year.
  10. mako2

    Saddest day of the year

    Another one going into hibernation. At least it was a beautiful day running up the river to the marina for the winter.
  11. mako2

    Saddest day of the year

    So sad for the good people there that California’s politics are not as fantastic as their weather.
  12. mako2

    Saddest day of the year

    Here’s to a winter that goes quickly and a beautiful spring to enjoy your boat again.
  13. mako2

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    Will you be keeping the boat at home over the winter or one of the local yards? We keep ours at Carvers.
  14. mako2

    Another birthday bass

    Nice catch made much more enjoyable that you had quality time with your son.
  15. mako2

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    Great time to give a good bilge cleaning while there is room.
  16. mako2

    Rear Main Seal Options

    Great when things work out. Keep up the great work.
  17. mako2

    22 Open - New Shamrock Owner

    Great job. Looking like new.
  18. mako2

    Pilot house build

    You really did an amazing refit.
  19. mako2

    Pilot house build

    The outside photos look great. Do you have any of the inside of the pilot house that show how you laid it out.
  20. mako2

    New owner of 1990 220SE Open

    Good luck with your new boat.

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