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  1. fishineer

    1978 20 Open Fish Project

    I presume the wood was for anchoring the center console and forward engine cover hinge screws to the deck? After 43 years is the wood still sound? Are the anchoring blocks encapsulated in fiberglass?
  2. fishineer

    1978 20 Open Fish Project

    Did you encounter a bulkhead at the forward edge of the cut? I would have assumed the foamed compartments extend to the bulkhead forward of the engine bay.
  3. fishineer

    Trailer for 2000 Shamrock 20 Open needed.

    Twenty years later I continue to use the Magic-Tilt trailer with bunks purchased new from Marine Warehouse Center in Wilmington, NC for 1977 Shamrock 20’ Open Fisherman (910) 799-1277. Only modification was I changed out leaf springs to torsion axles when replacement leaf spring were needing...
  4. fishineer

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    Congratulations on the seal, transmission, stubborn bolts, alignment, etc …
  5. fishineer

    Another project, doghouse step

    Clever. Nice solution.
  6. fishineer

    Rear Main Seal Options

    Another opportunity for some all thread rod to assist you when you slide transmission from the bell housing or the transmission and bell housing from the engine. Maybe someone with experience can advise you on which is preferred.
  7. fishineer

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    In case this is your first inboard engine oil leak, you may want to know that a little warm oil goes a long way before you react. I ran an old Pleasure Craft engine for 10+ years with a rear main bearing seal leak. I never had to add oil between oil changes, but I did occasionally worked extra...
  8. fishineer

    To fill or not to fill

    We are fortunate to operate in an area that has plenty of no-ethanol fuel sources which allows us to NEVER load any ethanol enhanced gas in our tanks. Also adding Marine Sta-Bil 360 each fill-up per directions has yielded great results. I keep my tanks topped off year round.
  9. fishineer

    Checking for Leaks and Cleaning the Fuel Tank(s)

    Owners of Shamrocks and inboard engines sometime have to perform some diagnostics – a rough running engine, fuel smell in the bilge, etc. Speaking from experience sometime we perform many tests only to learn that a little oil on the choke pivot points is all that is needed to address an engine...
  10. fishineer

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    Its Labor Day and a gozillion weekend/holiday boaters are crowding the waterways, so I 'll wait to tomorrow to go out and take a minute to share some starter management strategies. Starters have been a recurring problem on inboards with bottom mounted starters. Some owners have been very...
  11. fishineer

    advice on how to replace a starter

    Speaking of starters
  12. fishineer

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    FWIW something you may want to try - The starter can be replaced from front of engine with long socket extensions and a piece of all-thread rod. Disconnect Battery. Photograph wiring connections on starter and remove them. Back out the bolt at top of starter; screw in all-thread rod. Remove...
  13. fishineer

    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    Sorry - I took a break for Forum while the excessive bs postings were going on and posted this regarding spark plug removal before reading that you had removed the risers and manifolds. But the technique works on spark plug removal and replacement without removing risers and manifolds. Wear...
  14. fishineer

    Gunnel rot

    FWIW - My experience with this is limited to a 20' Open Fisherman that did not have a live well. So, I am not sure about how to deal with the live well. I purchased a 90-degree drive angle for my electric screw driver to remove the screws under the gunnel since it is a tight space. I believe...
  15. fishineer

    Rebuilt engine running rich

    Make sure choke is working properly.
  16. fishineer

    1999 Shamrock 220 Cuddy For Sale Annapolis

    It can be helpful to see the old outdated posts. We are currently seeing a significant increase in the value of Shamrocks.
  17. fishineer

    Pilothouse Resto

    Really impressive - What is the material and did you use a CNC or make manually? There is probably a market for more of them. As you know they are difficult to find. The originals appeared to be cast and then machined.
  18. fishineer

    Pilothouse Resto

    Excellent! Well Done.
  19. fishineer

    20' pilot house deck R&R

    Stalled. Paint is scarce.
  20. fishineer

    Gunnel rot

    When I temporarily removed the rub rail and lifted the deck cap for preparations and painting I replace the 40+ year old plywood strips along top edge of the 20 footer hull with starboard strips because the plywood strips had turned to soft cellulose mush. A previous posting will have more...

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