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  1. flatrock

    Coolant coming out port exhaust?

    Yeah, sounds like what Ship mentions. Or possibly he forgot to put in a block off plate when he installed that side, maybe just used gaskets? Not too a big deal to open that up and check/replace gaskets and block plate.
  2. flatrock


    Good advice from from Ship. I'd add... check the age of the hose, no big deal to replace the whole line with one run from racor to fuel pump. Also, at your main filter, Racor or other, check barb fittings and make sure you're NOT using white teflon tape or thread sealant. That degrades with...
  3. flatrock

    Damper Plate or normal gear noise?

    First thing I would do is check and change the transmission fluid. Always start with the easiest and check them off the list as you go. Also, look at the shaft coupler, and loose bolts or wear/slop? Then confirm alignment is good, after that I'd consider opening it up to check the damper plate...
  4. flatrock

    20/22 open floor and subfloor questions

    My 20' open, 1986 had wet foam. I cut three small "hatches" in each side of the deck and removed the foam. If I was to do it again I would cut the entire section out in one piece. There are no bulkheads, besides the one separating the gas tanks. The forward sections are all foam. I used an angle...
  5. flatrock

    Wtb PCM Upper Thermostat Housing

    PCM stands for Pleasure Craft Marine
  6. flatrock

    1987 26ft HARDTOP

    Damn!!!! I want that bad! If I knew I could sell my 20 right away I would be down there with a truck tomorrow!
  7. flatrock

    1987 26ft HARDTOP

    I wish this was closer! Maybe you want to trade for a nice 86' 20' open fish with a 350 Crusader?
  8. flatrock

    "new" engine advice

    Here you go... There's one for the starboard site too, they are different. Unfortunately there is no picture on the site, but these are what you want to get the same footprint
  9. flatrock

    "new" engine advice

    I rebuilt my original rear motor mounts as those are connected to the original Borg Werner 1:1 tranny. Then I bought custom front mounts from They are made to fit Chevy blocks but give you the same footprint as the original Ford Pleasurecraft. Vance at Skidim will know...
  10. flatrock

    Parting ou 1986 PCM Ford 302

    Sorry, it is sold. Unfortunately I can’t seem to edit this post
  11. flatrock

    "new" engine advice

    I cut three access holes on each side which will be glassed back in after the new foam goes in. then used a saws-all, flat bar, and a homemade hand saw (oak stick with long saws-all blade taped to it) to go at the foam. Had to cut and pry small chunks at at time. Took about 18-20 hours total...
  12. flatrock

    "new" engine advice

    looks like you hit a few of the same issues I'm looking at. #1 batteries, don't think they'll be able to go back where they were, on the shelf in the console. #2 Strainer, might have to mo e or re-plum that as my Crusader has a remote oil filter that's in the way of my current set up. #3 Tight...
  13. flatrock

    "new" engine advice

    Yes, it's not 100% ready, still waiting on the carb rebuild and figuring out some plumbing for the closed system. What did you end up doing with your heat exchanger, front or rear mount? I'm also rebuilding the engine beds and have to replace the foam below deck, I removed about 400 lbs of wet...
  14. flatrock

    Lep's pics & Engine bed rebuild

    Does anyone have pictures from Lep's Engine thread? I know there were some issues when the site/s moved from Fishtheclassic a few years back. I'm not finding anything in searches. I spent all day yesterday removing rotted engine beds on my 20' and am wondering if I'll go back with the fur 4x8...
  15. flatrock

    Parting ou 1986 PCM Ford 302

    Mike, I just texted you. Unfortunately, sold the pump & spare. I do still have the carb though. I can't seem to edit the post to remove sold items, kind of a pain, sorry.
  16. flatrock

    Parting ou 1986 PCM Ford 302

    Some stuff sold, this stuff is still available, and I have front engine mount brackets too. As well a set of risers that are 2 seasons old, those can go for $50 plus what ever shipping is. Timing chain cover - $50
  17. flatrock

    Tachometer issue with Pertronix Ignition

    Faria gauges were stock on Shamrocks, I won't allow Sierra parts on my boat or at least try to avoid at all costs! The grey wire should be your tach lead from the coil. I'm sure you have, but check all wire leads for corrosion and or loose connections. Pertronix flame thrower coils have built in...
  18. flatrock

    Manifold and riser swap

    25# Run then re-torque
  19. flatrock

    Remote mounted Heat Exchanger

    Good point! I’ve been rwc for so long, and never dealt with a closed system. I wonder at what point hose lengths start affecting pump efficiency? A couple feet shouldn’t make a ton of difference I don’t think

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