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  1. Fish Hunter

    Painting the hull

    I did the roll / tip method with awlgrip on my boat almost 10 years ago. Back then you couldn't clear coat with the roll / tip method but I think you can now. With primer I think the cost was around $700, my time was about 50 hours with some trial and error stuff. This picture was taken a couple...
  2. Fish Hunter

    Will it be big enough?

    Clint I have the same boat as you and I've been towing it on a trailer rated at 6000#. That's all you'll need
  3. Fish Hunter

    Will it be big enough?

    The trailer I have for my 22 WA is rated at 6000#
  4. Fish Hunter

    Canvas pricing

    I sprayed mine two years ago with 303 fabric guard after water was coming through the canvas. Now it's very weak and ripping. It's been stitched and new zippers a couple of times. Convery Canvas in Toms River made it.
  5. Fish Hunter

    Canvas pricing

    Sounds like a good price. I paid $2,000 about eight years ago minus the back drop but with a seat cover. It's all falling apart now and I'm going to call he same company to get a price. I'm having them change some areas from the last one. Where the front meets the side and top it was too open...
  6. Fish Hunter


    I managed two trips this weekend for Blackfish off Long Branch, NJ this weekend, one Friday and Yesterday. Friday my son and his friend came. We had 8 Blackfish up to 7 lbs by 10 am when the tide and winds switched up shutting down the bite. We ended up with 11 before we cut it off about 1 pm...
  7. Fish Hunter

    Obstructed Heat Exchanger Outlet

    I'm taking my heat exchanger off this winter. First, a weld broke that was holding a mounting bracket. Second, it hasn't been cleaned in years. There's a radiator shop near me that cleans heat exchangers out, repairs any leaks and replaces the end cap gasket.
  8. Fish Hunter

    Getting Cold in Maryland Friday

    I started up this morning and sucked some pink stuff through my raw water intake. For $3 it's cheap insurance. It's supposed to be 32 at 5 tonight dropping down to 22 at 7 am.
  9. Fish Hunter

    How do you fog your engine for winter

    I do the same thing but to fog the engine i slowly, (very slowly) pour in Marvel Mystery Oil.
  10. Fish Hunter

    Boat sinks in Jupiter Inlet

    I've been through that inlet a couple of times. Last time out we were headed out in a 47 Viking but turned back before we got into the inlet. A little too rough that day.
  11. Fish Hunter

    Sling Launch a Shammy??

    Mine goes in and out of the water the lift way. Once in the spring, once in the fall
  12. Fish Hunter

    23 Ft Shamrock Renagade w/ Inboard Fresh Water Coolant (No Trailer)

    AUCTION Important Notice: Seller: Red Bank Marina Inspection Information: Inspection is available Monday October 30th through Thursday November 2nd from 9am to 4pm. Payment Information: Payment must be made by Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check or Money Order made payable to Auction Liquidation...
  13. Fish Hunter

    Cali fires

    My daughter is an MA, "Guard duty". she's on leave until the end of this month.
  14. Fish Hunter

    Cali fires

    I was out in San Diego over Labor Day weekend visiting my daughter who's in the Navy stationed at the Sub base near Point Loma. She gave my wife and I a Grand Daughter so we wanted to go see her. It nice in San Diego, hope you don't see the fires
  15. Fish Hunter

    For sale 1995 220 Preditor $7500 obo

    Nice Warrior model, not Preditor. I have the same
  16. Fish Hunter

    2001 270 Mackinaw for sale

    I'm at 2600 hours on my 351 FWC.
  17. Fish Hunter

    Rebuild is done and Potential II is in her home port. Yea!

    Beautiful boat and I love the colors
  18. Fish Hunter

    Nice 26 Stalker in NJ

    It's probably not more then 5 miles from me, if I had the cash I'd check it out.
  19. Fish Hunter

    Nice 26 Stalker in NJ

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