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    Best practices advice on removing stickers please

    I used this on my boat and car. Worked great at about half drill speed. Keep moving so it doesn't heat on spot...
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    Shaft alignment - Hurth Transmission

    Ship and Mistress are right. The coupling was machined for a reason so any trueing of flanges will be off by the amount removed during rebuild, after all something was off initially if the machine shop thought they needed to be re-machined. Disconnect the shaft and check for binding of both...
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    Bad news for Shamrock lovers

    I posted this on the classic site. Sorry, I should have also included it here: A great friend has passed. I received a call yesterday from George Boynton’s family that he left us 17 June. His wife Kathy and son Jon said that George died Friday after returning from dialysis treatment. He had...
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    Water in inter hull

    The purpose of originally coring the tank bays was to increase the stiffness of the large unsupported panels. The rest of the boat outboard of the stingers are foam filled and that strengthens the panels. Since the tank bays are fairly big they would experience a pretty fair amount of flex...
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    Ford 7.3 "Godzilla" anyone.

    These hulls will start to ride up on the keel and get very "twitchy" and dangerous at speeds above around 45 mph. Many years ago wad a customer return his boat to the factory saying he had bad handling problems after he put in a 350hp engine (eventually learned he was running "grass"). Anyway...
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    270 mackinaw rudder log seal

    If 1 1/4" use 3 individual turns of 1/4" flax or teflon packing with gaps 120 degrees apart. Sometimes depending on wear you can use 5/16" but will be tight. Nay
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    Hydraulic or self leveling trim tabs?

    Agree with all above: I vote Hydraulics! Tested a boat several years ago that had the "Auto" option. Was OK in small to moderate head/stern sea state (less than 3ft or so with a long period) but gets way out of sync when in anything higher, especially in choppy quartering seas. Example, if...
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    Dusky Boats??? Shamrock wannabe?

    They were around before Shamrock was born. Good boats, same commitment to functionality that George B used in Shamrock. Here's a link to their history. Nay
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    Just purchased my first Shamrock Keel new to this type boat but love it so far!

    Gary's right, here's a link to that discussion: Nay
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    Howdy guys been a long time! Hull ?

    There are quite a few threads on this forum (and the other) that describe how the boats were made using the split mold process. Most all of the boats with keels were constructed this way except for the very early years ('71 to around '75); they were single mold construction with a glassed over...
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    Shamwow newbie

    Great to hear that you have some back info on her. IIRC when I last saw her in Sarasota she did have a T-top. I think is was either a Pipefitter's or a Merritt. Thirty years ago, kinda hard to remember. Hell, I can't even remember last week. If there was a name on it it may have been...
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    How many captains here?

    Had a 50 then a 100GT license for nearly 25 years. My job required operating a large number and types of boats for operational certification. When we first started there was no requirement for a captains license but complete operational knowledge was a must. Argo, you're right in that...
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    Shamwow newbie

    Thanks Mark.
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    Shamwow newbie

    Danrock, Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Nice job. FYI, If this is truly a '79, we didn't put 351's in them back then because that was way too much power for these hulls. However, later, heavier models of the Cuddy and Con-Walks did have them, as an option. The Opens came with the 302's in 185 hp...
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    Try this site, Nay
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    Does the carb throttle arm go completely forward to the stop and push the secondaries open when the cable is disconnected? Maybe the cable is not installed in the right hole on the arm to allow full throw. Nay
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    An idea and a little bit of showing off

    Pasties on Hooters! (I'm sorry for that) Nay
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    Anyone live close to Urbana MD?

    I would wait a few more days for a reply from a cult member. There are quite a few that live on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay that I'm sure would not mind taking a look for you. The slow response may be because we just got over a 4-day (for some) holiday and it takes awhile to...
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    Borg Warner won’t do neutral

    If you don't get a "neutral" (shaft not turning) position with the engine either off or running then the problem may be a warped friction plate in the gearbox (most times its the reverse plate). If you can't get neutral when engine is running but you get forward and reverse then the problem is...
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    1973 CC 20’ Starter stays engaged.

    Ensure your "I" (ignition, or run) wire and the "S" (starter) wires are not crossed at the starter solenoid or at the ignition switch. Nay

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