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    The Winter Fishing Blues......

    Here's another winter heartache. My honey had to put this grouper back in the water.
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    Key WEST

    Well, the words offshore and reasonable don't go in the same sentence. I've went with these guys, had a reel good time
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    hooka compressor

    We wrapped a little bit of rope in the props offshore... Spent an hour breathing through a garden hose trying to get one wheel free. No joy. Glad Tow boat US card was current. For the next time, it would sure be nice to be able to pump a bit of air to a hooka breather. Would a 12 volt air...
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    Help with old Snowblower I think its just spray on graphite. Wears off fairly quickly. In the case of your blower, the snow will polish the metal so you don't need to re apply. I farm for a living and put it on all sorts of things from plows to...
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    Help with old Snowblower

    Ah, here's something a Minnesotan is expert on :) There's a paint type product called slip plate that is wonderful for this sort of issue. You do need to polish off most of the rust first. My guess is your clearance between the second stage impeller and walls is no longer tight. this can be...
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    Any Experience with POP Yachts

    I had a very negative experience. No need to say more.
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    Thursday Catching - Waves and Fish

    Marathon - middle of FL keys. Went same place this morning - they bit for a while then took a nap.
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    Thursday Catching - Waves and Fish

    Went out on a friend's 38' catamaran twin diesel yesterday. it was blowing 15 -18 southeast and would have a real butt kicking day on any other boat. This one is like fishing off an oil platform Got into the yellowtail like never before. I was just charmed and caught the limit for the whole...
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    Sticking key switch

    I lurk here A LOT because I dream of owning a shammy. Right now, I'm using a friend's old eggbeater. The start/run/choke key switch wants to stick down keeping the choke engaged. its just just a spring return. Years of sun salt dirt have it sticky. Short of replacing the component are there...
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    eggbeater won't lower

    Thanks for the tips. Did a bit of surfing and i should be able to find a manual release in the morning. Wish I was spending all this time on a Shamy!
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    eggbeater won't lower

    If you seen my other thread, I'm helping a widow friend to get her boat going... Its running great, so i put it in the water. NOW the problem crops up :) The raise/lower on the motor will only go up. I've screwed around enough that I now have the prop clear out of the water and would have to...
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    eggbeater alarm and oil amount

    I did just this and no alarm. Milady went to NAPA and got new stats and spark plugs. I'll inspect the lower unit next. FWIW, I found a great link for all sorts of Evinrude issues...
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    eggbeater alarm and oil amount

    OK I proved its high temp alarm left bank. It pees hot water and more when RPM is higher so I have at least some cooling and raw water pump. maybe not both banks though. Like i said, don't know this engine AT ALL. I'm looking for a manual to help find the stats and water pump to remove for...
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    eggbeater alarm and oil amount

    Thanks for the leads. I knocked off and went yellow tail fishing this afternoon. Looks like got plenty to check in the morning
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    eggbeater alarm and oil amount

    A friend of mine passed away :( His widow is asking me to get the boat going again after its sat for two + years. Lots of stuff I don't know about this unit. Anyway got it running off a 5 gallon can of fuel. Found out he had gave up on the oil injector and premixed oil. After running for...
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    eBay 26' stocker cheap
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    eBay project loat

    eBay project boat
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    Storm Troopers! Jet Ski Cobia Catching

    Looks like a real good day! Curious, I always give'em the gaf. AND its a$$holes and elbows while they beat up the back of the boat and bleed all over. Seems like too much fish for the net. Anybody else successfully net cobia? Karl
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    New to forum - shopping for a 246 open -

    I've been to Big Pine Key many times and seen that boat, last time this spring. I'll bet its still there. Have you ever heard of "Keys Disease"? Epidemic on Big Pine. It comes in 12 oz. cans or 1 liter bottles. Karl
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    lobster mini season Fl. keys

    You're right across from one of my favorite yellow tail spots, marker 20. Karl

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