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  1. ibfishing

    Hull Leaking

    Two other areas that water can be common from are the rub rail and the screws that are securing the bow railing….water will enter between the inner liner and the exterior of the hull
  2. ibfishing

    Looking to buy 26’

  3. ibfishing

    Looking to buy 26’

    Diesel 26 on San Diego Craigslist
  4. ibfishing

    Having fun designing my dream Shamrock

    If it’s like there Billfish model plenty…you step down entering the cabin.
  5. ibfishing

    Having fun designing my dream Shamrock

    Local San Diego boat builder Blackman Boats use to build this model… 26’ Outerbanks
  6. ibfishing

    Bad news for Shamrock lovers

    Well said
  7. ibfishing

    Acme 4 blade 2911

    Never did max rpm….cruise 3300-3400 16-19 knots depending on sea conditions…. 1.75 - 2 KNMPG…That’s total miles per trip divided by how many gallons we burned that trip…last Wednesday 114 nautical miles…burned 59 gallons… 1.9 KNMPG
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    Acme 4 blade 2911

    I run the Acme 1427 four blade…been very pleased with it….we put 1400 hrs with this prop and it works great in all sea conditions PCM 5.7 with Holley 600
  9. ibfishing

    Prop puller

    If you look at the photo…there is another hole…it will pull a three blade or a four blade
  10. ibfishing

    Prop puller

    Or you can make one
  11. ibfishing

    First Offshore trip of the year

    First Offshore trip of the year….one in the fifty pound class and one well over a hundred lost at gaff…many giant Bonito kept us busy throughout the day.
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    It’s been pretty much windy all of April…decided to do a little San Diego bay fishing last week.
  13. ibfishing

    New to the forum: Questions about Flo Scan, Bait Tank & Rocket Launchers

    We installed a Floscan 9000 Series on our Shamrock back in 2013 and it’s worked great all these years…typical tuna trip during the summer we’ll burn 60-70 gallons….when we fuel up after the trip it will be + or - half a gallon compared to the Floscan
  14. ibfishing

    New to the forum: Questions about Flo Scan, Bait Tank & Rocket Launchers

    My former west coast Shamrock…it’s a 1991 20’…basically the same design as your 22’….45gallon Offshore bait tank and 18 rocket launchers on the hard top.
  15. ibfishing

    Help with coil and electronic ignition

    Give Vince a call at Discount Inboard Marine...He should be able to hook you up with the right coil...Thats a Prestolite electronic ignition you're dealing with. A great ignition unfortunately not available any more.
  16. ibfishing

    Diesel Fuel Flow Meter

    I have a 9000 on a fantastic....usually only a half gallon off burning 60-70 gallons
  17. ibfishing

    Sundown insulation

    Any one use Sundown insulation on there engine box...if so what size thickness did you use and did it make a difference.
  18. ibfishing

    Heat exchanger

  19. ibfishing

    26ft old hull - need gas stick measurments

    I moved away from fuel gauges not always reliable and another place for a leak in the tank. I went with a fuel flow meter and have run hundreds of gallons of fuel through it with accurate results. On an average offshore trip we will burn 70 gallons of fuel. The meter wil be + or - a half...
  20. ibfishing

    Fuel filter/separator relocation???

    I have mine mounted a good 18” above my deck with zero issues.

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