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    260 Mackinaw Height

    So the Mack is about 25' 5" long as I recall (as are all 260 hulls). Using a ruler, the picture you provided, and simple math I believe your rig is about 11' to the top of the radar dome as it sits on the trailer. Ship has the right idea. regards Holty
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    Forward bilge pump

    I would assume there is foam in those compartments regards Holty
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    Shamrock 270 Mackinaw - New Owner

    Where do you port in Connecticut? I am across the pond in Huntington regards Holty
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    New 26 shamrock owner!

    Don't think it's an Express as they have the 8'6" beam and the raised bridge deck. The 260 Con-walk had the rear console but had a short windshield. Your windshield looks like that of a Predator. Interior pictures would help. regards Holty
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    Shamrock 246wa windshield wiper installation

    I can't help you with the wipers but a good Rain X treatment will do wonders.
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    WTB 26 Footer fuel hose shroud

    pretty sure the shroud was fabricated from 1/2" Starboard on my 99'. Would be an easy build. regards Holty
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    Mackinaw Smartrails

    Sorry, sold it about a year and a half ago. regards Holty
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    Mackinaw Smartrails

    There are pictures of the pulpit 'spray wings' on the Classic site.
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    Shamrocks on a drift..

    Not true. They have a hard chine (a bit of a reverse chine actually). They are stable on a drift.
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    26 Commercial Pilothouse Question

    As I recall, I believe the commercial has a step down into the house allowing you to stand up while operating. regards Holty
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    Mackinaw Smartrails

    I had them on my Mack. I used one length cut in half and definitely helped. 10" above the waterline was the sweet spot. I also made spray flanges from 1/2" Starboard that attached to the pulpit making it much wider to absorb the spray that would come up right at the bow. Pictures were on this...
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    Pedestal Seat Post For 1998 Mackinaw

    A Mackinaw of this year will have a plywood core. So if you really want to have a strong base to secure your pedestal try this. .......Place your base into position, mark the screw holes and the diameter. Now cut out a circle about 3" less than the diameter of your base in the deck. Dig out some...
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    FOUND a Nice 26' Predator For Sale

    That is a nice looking 26
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    1986 20’ conwalk deck hatches needed

    Fabricated hatch covers made with 1/2" Starboard in the seafoam color reinforced with two 3/4 x 2" oak battens works and looks good. You could go with fabricated teak hatch covers also.
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    Open 220 line drawings

    Try the Classicshamrock site
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    Pedestal Seat Post For 1998 Mackinaw

    I had the swing up or down helm seat that hinged on the sidewall when I owned the Mack. It was nice being able to fold it down when trolling or drift fishing. I think a hard-mounted pedestal seat will be hard to pass by with the engine box so close. I built up the swing seat 4 or 5" higher which...
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    When you are pulling out of the slip on a windy day you will be glad you moored her stern in. regards Holty
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    Saddest day of the year

    OK, so how old is too old to maintain and operate a boat? I think about this quite often as it seems I have rounded third and am headed toward home. I have been around and messing with boats and fishing for most of my 71 years. I was three years old when I caught my first flounder. Family...
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    26 hard top Holding tank

    Yes, many years ago I removed the head enclosure and reworked the dash and V bunk area. Made for a larger V bunk and more comfort for the ladies. There are pictures out there somewhere. It was a nice winter project. regards Holty

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