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  1. Fully_Loaded

    Going crazy over ignition issue with MPI engine

    Long shot but Mercruiser used a fusable link (small square plastic box on the starter positive) that would cause these exact problems. It was the main wiring harness power and when it started to go it caused havoc on the MPI system. Crusader may use something similar in line. I have seen them...
  2. Fully_Loaded

    seized Perkins diesel ???

    While those perkins are great motors, finding the parts are getting harder. You defiantly have bent push rods and looks like a bent rocker. Were there any symptoms prior to it failing? (smoke and color of it, knocking, lack of power etc?) Generally when you hydolock a diesel they will not belch...
  3. Fully_Loaded

    Looking for pictures of towers on a 22 WAC

    There is one on yacht world or boat trader that has a full tower. Looks pretty good. Get ready for some serious sticker shock though. Them babies are sky high on price. I had to replace a custom T-top for a guy that had a tree fall on it. The damn thing was 8500 bucks for just a t-top and...
  4. Fully_Loaded


    That's the torque of the prop, it will steer easier to the port than it will to the starboard. If you do not have a no feedback helm I suggest you get one. On a boat that size hydraulic is the only real way to go.
  5. Fully_Loaded

    For Sale: 1999 22 Open

    I would just long block it for 2,000 bucks, the exterior of the motor looks great so everything would swap. Wish I was in a position I would snatch it up.
  6. Fully_Loaded

    Ignorance of the American people

    You can get fresh shrimp shipped from Joe Patti seafood in Pensacola, FL. They are the biggest seafood place in the area next to Bon Secour Fisheries.
  7. Fully_Loaded

    Ignorance of the American people

    LOL, I'm sure that was caught fresh
  8. Fully_Loaded

    Louisiana chapter

    Just heard from Craig. He is still dry but all of his family has flooded houses, 7 houses in total.
  9. Fully_Loaded

    1994 Blue Wave 165 super T Tunnel Hull W/115 Yamaha 4,000.00

    Great little boat, one soft spot in the deck on the starboard side about 6-8" in diameter. Livewell, bilge pump, hummingbird fishfinder and a Garmin 440s chartplotter fish finder. Runs great everything works. Some of the paint is coming off on the inside. The yamaha was run 90% of its life in...
  10. Fully_Loaded

    Shamrock 246 gas problem help

    You didn't use 1/4 of a tank idling in the driveway. Did you change the angle of the boat on the trailer?
  11. Fully_Loaded

    Tire Pressure - Boat on - or boat off?

    Pressure will go up a small amount but it should be measured loaded and cold. If you put them at 50 with the boat off then you can check when you load it and let air out if need be.
  12. Fully_Loaded

    Louisiana chapter

    Last I saw on FB Fox is good. I messaged him this morning checking on him but since he works nights I doubt I'll hear back for a while longer.
  13. Fully_Loaded

    QUICK, Need your supreme being fiberglass advise

    I am not sure on the size yet. I am replacing the floor and going to add traditional stringers in the back to attach the console and a new t-top. I looked at those consoles but dang for 700-1000 bucks I have a hard time spending that when I know I can make one for 3 or 400. Oh hell I'll just say...
  14. Fully_Loaded

    Bouncy Trailer

    Axles should be under the motor on these shamrocks. Like steve said these boats are pretty light in the trunk. My 20 had the front axle under the motor and the rear axle just aft and I had to slide the boat back about 6 inches. My 26 had an aluminum trailer and axles were under the engine and it...
  15. Fully_Loaded

    What to do while Engine is Out

    Replace oil pan if it is stamped steel, replace the damper, drain tranny fluid so you can get it all, mounts if they are real bad, and coupler (I would use a split coupler) if it is getting bad. The rest of the stuff should be fairly easy with the motor in.
  16. Fully_Loaded

    Grandslam 24 question

    There are not many of them riding around. I would guess the fuel burn would be pretty good considering twin power. I would guess it would burn 50% more than a single screw 26 with a 351. I doubt it would be double. I have eyed a couple of them but they are still a bit small for what I want to do...
  17. Fully_Loaded

    QUICK, Need your supreme being fiberglass advise

    Weight is an issue, the old console was built that way and weighed 150# or so. That is why I am considering nauticore. Moulding a console would be even lighter than using the nauticore. I'm going for less than 100# on the console, I took about 800# of wet foam out. I burn so much fuel with the...
  18. Fully_Loaded

    QUICK, Need your supreme being fiberglass advise

    What is the best way to build a center console mold. I have read buying melamine laminated particle board to build it but it would seem heavy and fragile. I thought about just using 1/2" nauticore, gluing it together on the edges then using chop strand but that would make a bulky console. My...
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    Good to hear! Progress is a lot like making money, as long as you are moving in the positive direction only good things will come. Keep the boat and use it as a motivator.
  20. Fully_Loaded

    shamrock 246 timming light ???

    Tach usually pulls from the coil and make sure all your grounds are real good. As mentioned above try turning the POT screw on the back of the tach to maybe clear some corrosion.

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