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  1. cw.abeljr

    8 Pointer

    Harvested this nice 8 pointer last week with my Muzzleloader.
  2. cw.abeljr

    Maryland Spring Trophy Striper Season

    Yesterday was our opening day and we had a fun day. We caught a 41 incher and put back a 29 incher (Fish must be at least 35 inches to keep). I also saw Jon(Jkraft) fishing in his Dad's boat. Jon sent me a pic of my boat. This was Amanda's (My son Daniel's Fiance) 1st Striper......That's...
  3. cw.abeljr

    Cummins Diesels

    If there is anyone looking to convert from gas to diesel this may interest you..... NO affilliation.
  4. cw.abeljr

    Looking for advice choosing batteries

    I've discovered that my two batteries in my boat are defective. They were in the boat when I purchased it and looked fairly new but it appears that the only thing that was keeping them charged was the shore power at the Marina. My boat has an on board charger which I always turn on when I secure...
  5. cw.abeljr

    Yanmar 4LHA-STE Cooling issue

    Been having a slightly higher than normal temperature the last couple of times when running around 3000 RPMS (3300 is WOT). The thermostat on this engine is 71C degrees which is right around 160F. The engine has started to creep up to 80C(176F) which is about 5-6 degrees higher than normal. The...
  6. cw.abeljr

    Chesapeake Bay report July 16, 2016

    Striper fishing has really picked up in the Chesapeake North of the Bay Bridge. On the July 4th weekend we had a school of Porpoise (Dolphin) come into the bay and they seemed to have chased the Stripers North. The last two weekends I have done very good north of the bay. Last weekend I was in...
  7. cw.abeljr

    Chesapeake Bay Tuesday July 5

    left the Marina at 6:30am heading South to the Chesapeake Beach area. Arrived and was surprised that there wasn't another boat in sight anywhere. Moved around the area slowly looking for fish and found nothing on the fish finder. Decided what the heck I ran all the way down here I might as well...
  8. cw.abeljr

    Fishing Report Forum

    "Wow" Great to see we now have a fishing report forum. I received an "Alert" that my thread had moved to the Fishing report forum this morning and I looked and "YES" we now have a fishing report forum........It's about time.....Thank you Administrator.
  9. cw.abeljr

    Shamrock Fishing Rag

    Last week while fishing with Jerry, Steve, and Mike at Wachapreague, Va I mentioned to Jerry that I had made up some fishing rags and he hinted that he liked the idea so I thought that I would pass it on to others. Each year at St Patrick's Day time period my local Dollar Tree (the one where...
  10. cw.abeljr

    A couple of days on the Chesapeake Bay

    I had a great couple of days on the Chesapeake Bay chasing Stripers. This was Friday and was able to boat 6 keepers on board and put back 4 fish that were undersized. There were 3 of us fishing so we were able to limit out. This was Saturday and was able to keep 10 keepers with 5 people...
  11. cw.abeljr

    Engine won't run above 2400 RPM

    Well I left the Marina yesterday afternoon to do a little fishing and when I advanced the throttle the RPM wouldn't advance above 2400. The engine is not belching out any smoke and seems to be running smooth. Last weekend I trolled for about 3 hours when a storm with high winds suddenly came up...
  12. cw.abeljr

    2015 Season Over

    Well, we pulled the Shamrock for the season yesterday. I know, it's getting to the good Striper fishing time when they "school" up, but it's now "deer hunting" season and that gets my blood going as much as fishing. It was one of my best fishing seasons ever for Stripers and the freezer is heavy...
  13. cw.abeljr

    Boating Ediquette

    I ran across this posted on another Forum. Thought some might like it.
  14. cw.abeljr

    Auto Pilot Problems

    I used my boat yesterday and my auto pilot wouldn't function properly. It has worked fine in the past but yesterday when I tried to use it the boat would turn left and right as if oversteering and just continue to do so. The rudder indicator would remain showing that the rudder was to starboard...
  15. cw.abeljr

    Updated Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

    I fished both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend (Apr 25/26)... We caught a nice 38 inch Striper on Saturday, but unfortunately our Department of Natural Resources has in their infinite wisdom deemed that all 36-40 inch fish must be released. Dang it hurts to release a fish of that size...
  16. cw.abeljr

    Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

    Yesterday, Saturday April 18th was our Spring Trophy Striper Season opening and for my son and I it started off with a big bang. We pulled out of the slip at 5:30 AM and started our 5 minute trip to the Chesapeake Bay main channel, then turned South and ran at about 10 knots for 2-3 minutes. I...
  17. cw.abeljr

    Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

    ​Administrator, Please Delete this thread
  18. cw.abeljr

    Oil Pressure drop when the engine gets up to operating temperature.

    I have been running the boat the last few days and all of a sudden the engine oil pressure at low RPM is dropping into the red range on the gauge after the engine reaches operating temperature. Pressure is fine when in higher RPM range. Low RPM oil pressure is fine when the engine is cold. I do...
  19. cw.abeljr

    Spring prep about done

    Well I've had a very busy week getting the boat ready to splash. I am just about finished. The last two major items I still need to do are change the raw water impeller and change one more zinc that I had missed. It is in the trans cooler and I just overlooked it. I had the name changed from...
  20. cw.abeljr

    Striped Bass Slot Size Restriction

    I have been watching this for a couple of weeks and was hoping it wouldn't be approved but it sure did. It's going to be tough to have to put back a fish that is 37-40 inches long.

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