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  1. Pequod

    Buccaneers Super Bowl!

    Hello from Cape Cod. Looking forward to a memorable Super Bowl from TB 12 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thanks Tom for the legacy you left us in New England!
  2. Pequod

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and your families!!
  3. Pequod

    Happy Thanksgiving from Cape Cod

    Wonderfully cold here, river is frozen on the eastern side.
  4. Pequod

    Sage Advice: The Rule of the Road

    When all three lights I see ahead, I turn to Starboard and show my Red: Green to Green, Red to Red, Perfect Safety- Go Ahead. But if to Starboard Red appear, It is my duty to keep clear- To act as judgment says is proper- To Port or Starboard, Back or Stop her. And if upon my Port is seen A...
  5. Pequod

    New England Patriots Super Bowl

    I live on Cape Cod and am a lifelong New Englander. That being said, All of New England loves TB12 and the New England Patriots!
  6. Pequod

    1999 246 Open courtesy light

    Any one have a source for the courtesy lights located on either side of the console? Thank you.
  7. Pequod

    Smart Rail M-1000 Kit

    I have a Smart Rail M-1000 kit for sale. Lists for $589. I am asking $325. Local pickup only. Thanks for the interest. Pequod
  8. Pequod

    Congratulations Boston Bruins!!!

    As a lifelong hockey player and fan of the Bruins, I am so proud of their effort and success! It was a nail biter all last night during the game and it was thrilling to watch.
  9. Pequod

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To you and yours and your Shamrock. Best Regards, Pequod
  10. Pequod

    Tautog Fishing Tips

    I plan on taking my daughter Ryan down to Woods Hole where there is supposedley good fishing by the NOAA and Oceanographic Institute docks. I thought I would get a 5 gallon pail of mussels (from in front of our house) and bust them up for chum. Local tackle shop sells green crabs. Lep...
  11. Pequod

    Marine Manifold Corp.

    Any one have their telephone #. I have to have a custom pipe fabricated for my 1985 Mercedes 300 cd. Its a California car and they have installed a silly trap oxidizer after the turbocharger which I want to eliminate. I figure I can send them one that I have and they can use it as a pattern. Any...
  12. Pequod

    Super Satisfied with Smart Rails

    I have had the boat in the water for a week now and have been traveling around the Vineyard and Nantucket in all types of conditions. They work as advertised and Susan and Ryan (wife & step daughter) give a double thumbs up!! Best upgrade so far. These should be installed on every model that...

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