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  1. seatux

    For Sale, NEW OLD STOCK, Hard to find,

    I came across a business that has a new "Twin Scan" Dual engine Tachometer for sale, goes up to 3000 RPMS. If it went to 4000 RPMS I'd own it by now! DAMN IT !!! Maybe someone on here with twin engines can use one. @ $350 it's a STEAL! His number is; (954) 520-8640 Text him if interested.
  2. seatux

    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    I've removed both of my turbos, to clean and rebuild. The first one was hell, trying to get the bolts out, which are T40 torqs heads. I have an air chisel with a bit I rounded off to use to pound out auto body work, it fits into a 1/2" drive T40, so I layed on each bolt to help vibrate and...
  3. seatux

    WoW! Yanmar Turbo for $950

    I had one turbo stop on me, so I pulled it and am rebuilding it now. ( and then Ill do the other one) A new one goes for ( between) $2500 and $4500 ...I did a search for a part and came up with this...
  4. seatux

    "Leno's Garage"

    Yea, I enjoy the cars more than I can tolerate Leno.. But one night he had a guy on that has a family owned business, and of cource he spoke highly of him and the product. Amazon carries it, so I bought some. Quick-Glo Chrome Cleaner (made in Louisiana !) "Allegedly" no hard rubbing needed, if...
  5. seatux

    So the tip is; Dont Click on Anything?

    A am assuming all the "spam" this board has been getting recently is about "Ransom Ware" ? It's not like they are pushing a particular product, the subjects are all over the place! Has anyone clicked to open any and been locked up? Or is there another take on it?
  6. seatux

    Something to save..

    I recently had an issue with my auto pilot. It is no longer serviced by Raymarine, but they gave me Two Great places to go, and they were able to hook me up! These guys can replace screens and fix all sorts of marine electronics. So if you ever have the need, here they are;
  7. seatux

    "The Last Hurrah!"

    I've driven the Seatux III to the Florida Keys, Marquises, and Dry Tortugas Many times in the past. All of our family members have experienced the great times it provided. But I am now 74 years old. I told everyone this will be "The Last Hurrah!" Family flew in from all over for the event...
  8. seatux

    Here is a Great Tip.

    A friend that cleans boat bottoms turned me on to this, and let me tell you. IT WORKS GREAT! I put two gallons in a pump up garden sprayer and did the entire bottom of the boat, just spray it on, no scrubbing, and watch the stains run off! Hard to Believe, but true. And it's Cheap...
  9. seatux

    Capacity Placards

    I got inspected by Coast Guard ( Auxiliary ) today, nice guy, he wanted to see the capacity placard. I said I didn't need one because of the size of the boat. What is the size break off for capacity placards??
  10. seatux

    Check out @ minute 2:12

  11. seatux

    EPIRB for sale.

    Anyone that needs one, I have one for sale. ACR Global Fix, (used to belong to the Coast Guard) Needs a new battery, (A new battery install, all the testing and certification, and shipping w/insurance will cost you $285..don't ask me how I know!) First $100 takes it.
  12. seatux

    Too good to be True??

    With today's technology .... It's probably True!
  13. seatux

    Nice thing to have when off shore

    Garmin Explorer Plus satellite communicator. If you want to be able to text messages to your wife to let her know if you are running late or broken down. If you are broken down and need a tow, you can text other contacts your location. It’s an added level of safety as when you are out 30 to 50...
  14. seatux

    Yanmar 6LPA-STP

    Just wondering...Re; injectors...Sea Foam in the fuel? I Doubt it.. probably need to pull and clean the old fashioned way, I don't have a problem that I am aware of...but Maintenance is trying to stay ahead of problems...any input???
  15. seatux

    Looking for a person or service to conver Garmin 32 bit data cards to SD cards

    Looking for a service to convert Garmin 32 bit data cards to the newer SD cards. I talked to Garmin tech Services, they dont do it or know anyone that does. They say you need an old 32bit computer running windows 10. I tried that to no avail. need a computer geek.
  16. seatux

    For Sale..

  17. seatux


    Maybe others are aware of this, but I wasn't, not till today. Hinckley is hanging outboards on some of there boats now!
  18. seatux

    Been thinking about this...
  19. seatux

    Sea Tow in action..

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