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    winterization on fresh water cooled PCM 351

    What is everyone's freshwater cooled PCM 5.8 winterization routine? This is my first year with the boat and would like to hear how you guys handle this on a shamrock. My plan for winterizing while on land: 1. drain the raw water side as thoroughly as possible and then suck antifreeze...
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    Fresh water tank size and location

    Hey all, my recently purchased shamrock 26 has a tiny 5 gallon freshwater tank. I would like to get something with more capacity. For those with a 26. What size is your freshwater tank? Where is it located? Am I stuck with this 5 gallon setup?
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    Hard Bimini advice

    Anyone have a cuddy with a hard Bimini? If so what do you like about it and what would you change? Have you seen any out there that have features you would like to have? I’ve been weighing out options to get a hard roof over my head and this seems like the most practical, but before I get into...
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    Pulling camshaft

    Is it possible to sneak the camshaft out of a a 351 in a 26 while the engine is still in the boat? I want to refresh the top end of my engine and would mind replacing the valve train.
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    replacing packing box hose

    ... how big of a pain in the arse is this job? I presume the rudder needs to be dropped and the shaft uncoupled from the transmission. I hear this can be difficult if not impossible with out cutting. What should I expect? Anything I should address while I'm in there?
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    Having fun designing my dream Shamrock

    I really do love the lines of my 26' but I also really love a forward raked windshield and heading into the sun and wind with my windshield covered in salt spray I fantasize about building a custom hard top. Let me know what you think! This is about 10 minutes of cut and paste so don't beat me...
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    Windshield wiper recommendations

    My 26 cuddy only has a single wiper that is pretty anemic and ineffective. I would like to get a high quality double wiper setup installed (one for each side). Has anyone done this? Any Advice?
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    Windshield glass gaskets

    Hey everyone, this winter I want to rebed my windshield on my 26 cuddly and replace the gasket material around the glass. Does anyone know a good source for this gasket?
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    Cooling system layout

    Hey everyone, since buying my Shamrock 26 cuddy with a PCM 351 Ford engine I have been looking at other boats with clever solutions and I ran across this picture of an expansion tank and heat exchanger that are much more accessible and more solidly mounted than in my boat. My heat exchanger is...
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    WTB Hardtop 26’

    I am interested in buying a hardtop for my 26’ any condition I have a super nice windshield/ NEW black canvas setup if interested in a trade.
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    Which heat exchanger?

    Hello, I am a new proud owner of of a Shamrock 26 cuddy cabin with a 351 windsor engine. For piece of mind I am going through the drivetrain and replacing consumables (belts, hoses, ect). I eventually want to comb through every system and do a full mechanical restoration. How do I know what...

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