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    Gantry/engine swap in NJ

    Worked for me- good friend helped out.
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    Re 246 open-converting to a leaning post

    Here’s a pic of the new seating
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    Re 246 open-converting to a leaning post

    yes I was lucky to get the seating box from TJ. I posted earlier that Ray had gotten rid of the original patterns but that is not accurate. I think he just did not want to make the pieces and ship to me in Canada. I made a call just before the hurricane that just hit and they seem to more than...
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    Boat Cover thoughts please?

    I bought from Fisher as well from my 246 open- excellent quality- I was $1200 ish for a custom cover. Thx
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    What would you use and how would you get these stickers off? I used them for my 246 redo. Excellent quality and fast shipping. Put in your own measurements and they send you a quote.
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    Best practices advice on removing stickers please

    I used a hot water pressure washer with the red tip. I have a 246. Took off every decal on the boat in about an hour half. I tried the as advised here and found the old decals simple would not come off with any efficiency. The remaining residue from the decals I removed with acetone. Not a mark...
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    Re fronts seats

    Selling a pair of seats from 246. Included are the cushions- covers and mounting hardware. Open to offers. Thx Paul 416 949-8865
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    Re 246 open-converting to a leaning post

    Got my leaning post setup from TJ prop. Great guy and a great transaction. I hope to get it installed in the next few days. I will have the original pedestal seats and covers for sale in the next few days as well. Winter project will be having the backrest bars made up. Got a call out to Ray at...
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    246 front seating cushions

    Yes they are available. I am in Toronto Canada Thx
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    Rubber nipples for fuse cover?

    I got all my switches,covers etc. from they have what you are looking for.
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    The company has a strange way of doing business! I find it lasts me a long time as I do not use it on every job. Hope you can source it and give it a try.
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    I found it at: Not easy to get in Canada. My friend has an account at certified. I buy a can from him as he buys it by the case. Still $30 a can.
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    Amazon in Canada does not sell Free from certified labs- they do sell free all- it’s not cheap either but I have never used that product.
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    In Canada a can runs $30 now! I spray Small amounts on bolts. It’s amazing how it sucks in. Hope it works for you.
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    I have tried all and depending how bad the bolt is rusted some you mentioned worked. However my go to for the real stubborn bolts/nuts is a product by certified labs called Free. Expensive yes but has worked for me every time. I leave it to penetrate anywhere from a few minutes to over night.
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    replacing packing box hose

    My replacement was made by Buck Algonquin- forgot to mention-take the set screws out as well on the sides and spray release agent in the holes. I would not bother with WD or the cheap store shelf stuff.
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    replacing packing box hose

    Did it on my 246- I had the motor and tranny out and it was still a challenge. Rudder stays. But the challenge is the shaft coupler. I tried for days!! Came off with a combo of a torch and a product called Free by certified labs. Heated it let it cool enough to spray the Free on. I left a puller...
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    Restoring gelcoat finish

    Got it done. Would never do this again but the boat turned out perfect. Bottom paint is gone and new graphics. Gel came up very well but just took a long time to complete!!

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