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  1. petertr3

    Holy Makos!

    We would come back from mako fishing with stories about jumps and somersaults that nobody really believed. Back then there was no video. This proves it - Makos are nuts...
  2. petertr3

    New Boater in need of advice

    This could be a new thread, "You'll never believe what happened at the boat ramp today"
  3. petertr3

    New Boater in need of advice

    60 hp is a big diesel in a sailboat. A 36 footer is usually around 35 hp. You’re not alone in the perverse pleasure. At Grills restaurant just off the inlet at Port Canaveral there is a dock bar overlooking the boat ramps. They list “Boat Ramp Follies” as the afternoon entertainment, complete...
  4. petertr3

    Repowered 96 220WA... Need a New Prop

    As you know diesels like to work. They need to rev, but not too much.Gas engines are the same but they are a little more tolerant of lugging than diesels are. However if you overprop, you’ll stress the bottom end, burn more fuel and build up carbon on the top end. It will just take longer to...
  5. petertr3

    New Boater in need of advice

    I’ve spent a lot of time on sailboats. Lots of windage, a big keel and a tiny diesel. Docking is almost always a challenge, but if you think it out in advance it almost always turns out well. Kudos for figuring out that maneuvering up current is much easier and safer so quickly. It took a few...
  6. petertr3

    Midsummer Quiz

  7. petertr3

    Midsummer Quiz

    What 1978 feature length film, shot on Long Island, featured this Shamrock open? What was the rating (G, PG, NC17, X)? Hint: Check the rating before you watch.
  8. petertr3

    New Boater in need of advice

    Here's a handy trick from from a Chesapeake Bay waterman. From a dead stop, turn the wheel all the way opposite of your prop walk. At idle go forward a couple seconds. then reverse for a couple seconds. Repeat until you are facing where you want to go. If you continue, you can do a 360 in the...
  9. petertr3

    Repowered 96 220WA... Need a New Prop

    That’s what they told me as well, that their 3 blade actually had more blade area than the same diameter 4 blade that came from Shamrock. I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger on the 1775, but this is great first hand info.
  10. petertr3

    Trailer tires - where would you buy?

    This is from eTrailer. Tire Rack has a similar take. Yes, both special trailer (ST) and light truck (LT) tires can be used on a 5th wheel trailer. They are actually the only two types of tires rated for this use. The reason for this is that tires on a trailer will be subjected to much harsher...
  11. petertr3

    Soft Decks

    Here's a classic answer. It depends. Mainly the issue is how big and extensive are the soft spots? Small spots around hardware mounting screw holes you can do pretty easily by enlarging the screw hole, removing the wet core and refilling the void with thickened epoxy. Bigger areas may require...
  12. petertr3


    Nice job.
  13. petertr3

    Restoring gelcoat finish

    I had a friend who bought a used 40 ft Sabre sailboat. It was Flag (Navy) Blue gelcoat, totally chalked. They did pretty much the same process as KC described, but used Buff Magic for the final buff, then two coats of Collinite Paste wax. Wow! It looked like it was at a new boat show, but it...
  14. petertr3

    WoW! Yanmar Turbo for $950

    With German car parts I found sources to the OEM manufacturers like Bosch, Hella and and Esbacher and got factory parts without the BMW, VW, MB triple markup. I was somewhat successful with Japanese stuff as well. If this is the case on those turbos, it's a deal. If they are Chinese knockoffs, I...
  15. petertr3

    Can we post videos?

    I've got an 8 second clip over the transom on a plane with the V8 purring. I use it to cheer up winter days.
  16. petertr3

    Fuel Tank Pickup Troubles

    Wonder what that is. Know anybody at a hospital or crime lab with access to a GCMS? My mess has been the gummy soft stuff that dries into a soft tan powder. I think Startron might deal with that.
  17. petertr3

    Fuel Tank Pickup Troubles

    I wondered about that. It's supposed to dissolve the varnish, goo and soft boogers, but I wondered about the big stuff.
  18. petertr3

    Fuel Tank Pickup Troubles

    I've never heard of the stuff before, but has anyone tried Startron Fuel Tank Cleaner? It seems to get decent reviews.
  19. petertr3

    1990 22' Predator Trailer specs?

    Here's pic of mine on the trailer. Note the different angles on the fore and aft bunks. I've raised it 2" since that pic.
  20. petertr3

    1990 22' Predator Trailer specs?

    Cypress is a great choice. The 22 has a lot of curvature bow to stern though. I'd stretch a string below where the bunks will be an get an idea of what you are dealing with. The custom trailer people I spoke to who used single bunks all shaped them. Easy job with a bandsaw and doable with a...

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