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    270 Mackinaw Height

    Would like to get a RV carport to store boat this winter. Anyone know the height to cabin roof ?
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    Looking for Ignition Schematic

    My ignition switch and starter solenoid are okay but in between something isn't. Anybody know where I can find schematic for 2002 Mackinaw with 6LP-STE.
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    Unknown alarm

    Have a '02 270 Mack with 6LP-STE. I get an alarm when I turn on ignition, nothing happens at start. Engine does run. Any ideas?
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    Dirty Bilge

    Trying to clean my bilge with bilge cleaner but having a real tough time. Probably first time it's been cleaned in 20 years. What do you use?
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    Underwater Lights any tips

    I want to put underwater lights on, but not keen on put more holes on the bottom of a perfectly good boat. Was thinking about using drain plug lights. Also what color do you think?
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    Swim Platform ?

    My swim platform on a 2002 270 Mackinaw flex's when I step on it. It's not loose, I think it's the bracket design. Has anyone here have/had this problem? How do I correct it? I was told Shamrock fixed it on the later version.
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    Does Rocna anchor fit on Mack

    Does Rocna original or Vulcan fit on bow pulpit on 2002 Mackinaw?
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    Got my Mack

    I'm the new owner of a 2002 Mackinaw. It was a long trip towing it from MA to NJ, but we got home safely (many Thanks). Now the work begins cleaning, tweaking & learning all about it. I'll post some pictures later

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