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    The hatteras gets about 1mpg at 9 knts

    The hatteras gets about 1mpg at 9 knts
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    26 gas Express For sale

    Thanks! I might be trading it in for hatteras 38. The broker is saying 20k in trade.
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    26 gas Express For sale

    Awesome, thanks, I hope it's worth more but it is what it is I guess.
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    26 gas Express For sale

    I'm selling my 1998 26 Express gas Shamrock. The boat is in good condition, lots of new stuff. Does any one have an idea of what it should sell for? Or... If anyone is interested please contact me at [email protected] I'm pretty flexible, I'm up-sizing but need to sell the Shamrock first.
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    26 Express Fuel Consumption

    Thanks! I'm going to run it a little slower and see if I notice the difference. I'm not ever in a hurry. I was told to run it at 34 when I bought it.
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    26 Express Fuel Consumption

    Okay great! My fuel gauges are both not working. I've replaced the senders a couple of years ago and they both quit working again. I usually run at 32 to 34, at 19 to 22nts, is 3400 to high?
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    26 Express Fuel Consumption

    Does any one know the fuel consumption of a 98 GM 5.7L gas electronic fuel injection 26 express??
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    1995 Shamrock 260 Express Fish

    I use this, it works pretty well although a little slow.
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    Thinking of selling my 1998 26 express

    Hi, If any one is looking for a gas 26 express in good condition please let me know & I'll post photos and all the maintenance records. I'm looking to get a bigger boat to weekend on. I have a 5 year old, the wife him and myself make it pretty tight for overnighting. I live in the St. Pete...
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    Dead engine out on the Gulf

    Hi, I hope some one knows what to do about this. I was running in the Gulf and my 1998 26 express with the Sea Max 5.7 died like I turned off the key. I was towed in and had my boat guy work on it. He found that the computer is having a ground short?? He thinks?? He wiggled and lubed and...
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    Oil change & filter for gas 26 express

    Thanks Scott!
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    Oil change & filter for gas 26 express

    Hi, I was wondering what oil filter & where to purchase it for my sea maxx 5.7 L. This is my first oil change on the boat so any tips would be great! It appears to have an oil change kit (if thats what you call it). There is a tube with a clip on it attached to the oil filter housing which...
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    How often should I change the oil on my gas 26 express

    I recently purchased a 26 express with a gas chevy 350 engine. How often should the oil be changed? Thanks!
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    fish box pumps locations.

    After using one of my fish boxes for beach toys, the pump is not pumping out the water (I wonder why?). I was wondering where the pump or pumps is/are?? One of the boxes is pumping out a little. Thanks for the help!
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    Looking to buy my first Shamrock

    First Shammy I have a 1998 26 Express and love it! It holds four people very nicely but I've had six on many of times. It sleeps two (hopefully a couple) pretty comfortably. If you like camping in a two man tent you'll love it. I often drop a hook for overnighters with my wife and four year...
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    No power to ignition?

    Sure enough, its the breaker located near the back of the motor by the shifter cable. I popped it in then it popped right back out after about two seconds (burning smell) Any ideas??? Thanks.
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    No power to ignition?

    Hi, I had the 26 express detailed the other day. I saw the guy with the hose spraying the the helm and wondered how waterproof it really is. Went to use the boat yesterday and everything was working fine (the 12 volt stuff). Then when I went to start it.... No power to the ignition, no...
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    New Shamrock owner!!

    Thanks for the help! Thanks for the help! I tightened the Belt and put a little belt dressing on it, its great now. I did the math on the fuel economy and figured about 3 mpg. I was running at about 3800 rpm's on average. Not bad compared to outboards! Now I have one more question.... Do...
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    New Shamrock owner!!

    Hi, I just purchased a 98 260 express in Fort Myers FL and drove it home to Tierra Verde Fl. I had a great maiden voyage (250 mi) but have a couple of questions.... First, I was hoping to find the valves for the head: water intake, holding tank, and it has a macerator which I don't know how to...

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