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  1. Tuloko77

    1998 Mackinaw

    Found while scanning craigslist
  2. Tuloko77

    Fuel Stick 1998 Mackinaw

    Would anybody here be able to take a picture of their fuel stick next to a tape measure for me? Mine did not come with one, and I would love to have one with the correct markings. I assume the gasoline and diesel tanks are the same, I have a Cummins diesel. Everyone says I should be able to get...
  3. Tuloko77

    Hull Zinc On Transom_ 260 Mackinaw

    I know very little about bonding systems... one of the mechanic's that occasionally helps out on my boat is suggesting I install a transom mounted zinc (4" x 6" Diver's Dream) and bond to that. Is this necessary? Or does anyone have a clear explanation on how the bonding system on a 260 Mack is...
  4. Tuloko77

    FOUND a Nice 26' Predator For Sale
  5. Tuloko77

    Pedestal Seat Post For 1998 Mackinaw

    Has anyone ever mounted a pedestal style seat post at the helm? I am looking to mount one but know that I cannot install a below deck mounting/backing plate. How thick is the floor? I am curious if anyone has mounted something like this with only screws into the deck, and how did it hold up...
  6. Tuloko77

    Mackinaw Cabinet

    We've had our Mackinaw for a year now. Over that time have decided that for our use, we really needed a cabinet of some kind. We cruise mostly, out to the islands and a night here and there away from our home harbor. We spend a lot of weekends at the boat, our home away from home (yeah, in a 260...
  7. Tuloko77

    Trolling Valve on 210 Cummins

    I'm looking for some education on the use of the trolling valve on my Mackinaw. I've only tried it out a few times since acquiring the boat last year. After all I've read about the fickleness of trolling valves it has scared me to try it much. But I have tried it, twice... and all it seemed to...
  8. Tuloko77

    Stern Width of 260 Mackinaw?

    I'm not going to be back down to my boat for a few weeks to check, so am wondering if anyone here can tell me the width of a 260 Mackinaw at the stern/transom, outside to outside. I've got a pretty short (7'-3") inflatable and am wondering if I could fabricate some kind of simple davit system...
  9. Tuloko77

    2000 Aluminum Slide On Trailer

    2000 Aluminum Slide-On Boat Trailer by Owens & Sons Marine. 10,000 GVWR. Torsion Axles. Solid trailer with great bones. Previously used to haul a 26' Shamrock Keel Drive Inboard. New tires 12/20. New LED lights & bunk carpeting 5/21. Needs new disc brakes and lines. Current lines are cracked so...
  10. Tuloko77

    260 Mackinaw Tongue Weight

    Does anyone happen to know the approximate tongue weight of their 260 Mackinaw on a dual axle trailer? Even better if it a diesel boat... Thanks
  11. Tuloko77

    Propeller Diameter & Pitch Determination

    For no real reason other than to know, I am trying to figure out the pitch on my propeller. I never did put much thought into this for the first three months I owned the boat, which was only time it was out of the water (and being in Southern California, I don't intend to take it out too often)...
  12. Tuloko77

    1998 260 Mackinaw Wood & Finish

    The wood finish on our Mackinaw could use a recoat, and I’d like to continue with what originally came from the factory. Does anybody know what was used? And is this wood all teak? Thanks!
  13. Tuloko77

    Fuel Stick Reading

    I’ve got a 1998 Mackinaw with a Cummins. When I fill the tanks (pretty sure they’re full, as fuel spits from vents) I’m getting a reading of 6” on my fuel stick. I’ve read that most people are getting a reading of 8”... anyone have anything to say about this?
  14. Tuloko77

    Mackinaw 260 Holding Tank

    I've done a bit of searching on here but haven't found anything conclusive about the original location for the holding tank on the 260 Mackinaws. Mine is a 1998. Currently, the waste hose goes from the head, to the macerator, and out the thru hull just forward of the engine. I do have the...
  15. Tuloko77

    PSS Shaft Seal Maintenance Kit

    Ok... Since recently taking ownership of my 260 Mackinaw, I have been going through everything to get to know it, and I am now at the dripless shaft seal. It is a PSS shaft seal and likely hasn't been maintained in awhile. The manufacturer specifies that a maintenance kit be installed every six...
  16. Tuloko77

    260 Mackinaw

    Here she is... after many months searching we landed our 1998 260 Mackinaw. A bit of updating And cleaning to do as she’s been sitting for a few years, but hopefully in short time she’ll be ready to go. Looking forward to making her our own. I’ve gotta thank you all for the endless amount of...
  17. Tuloko77

    ISO Shamrock Mackinaw 260

    In search of a Mackinaw 260 in good running condition. Preferable west coast but will definitely consider the whole country.
  18. Tuloko77

    1990 Shamrock Mackinaw 260- Corpus Christi

    This one needs a deep clean and a few other things. Owner has many more pics if you contact him.
  19. Tuloko77

    Towing a Mackinaw 260

    Mackinaw owners... I am on the hunt for a 1990-1999 260 Mackinaw and doing some due diligence in the meantime. What truck you all are using to tow yours. Looks like they're weighing in at 5,300 lbs dry... plus or minus I'm sure. Another 1,300 for a trailer, and then fuel, gear, etc. I've got a...
  20. Tuloko77

    Mackinaw Bulkhead

    Has anyone added a bulkhead to a Mackinaw 260? I'm sure it can be done, but are there any hurdles in the way? First thing that comes to mind is a complication in the opening of the engine compartment. Do the engine compartments open up in the same fashion, between the boats that came with the...

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