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  1. Fish Witch

    I Hope All in Ian's Path Are OK

    Yeah, I was thinking of Tux in Port Charlotte when I posted this. Hope he's ok and is able to get on here to let us know how he is.
  2. Fish Witch

    I Hope All in Ian's Path Are OK

    I know some of you fellow Shamrockers live in Florida and up the east coast in the Carolinas so hope you're all safe and haven't been hurt too bad by the storm. Watching coverage on the TV looks devastating. May God be with you all and bring you a speedy recovery from the storm.
  3. Fish Witch

    270 Mackinaw Height

    My measurements were while on the trailer if I wasn't clear so you shouldn't have to add for trailer height, just radar and roof camber from the outer edge.
  4. Fish Witch

    270 Mackinaw Height

    I measured 10' 6" to the edge of the cabin roof not including rails or rocket launchers. You have to add from there to the top of your radar. My radar arch and radar tops out at 13' 8" so that boat barn I've been wishing for would require a 14' door.
  5. Fish Witch

    270 Mackinaw Height

    It depends on what you have up on your cabin roof and your trailer configuration. I have a radar arch and radar and need 14 ft. When I towed mine home before putting on the radar arch and only had a radar up there, I sweated getting under a 12' 6" railroad bridge but made it but it was tight...
  6. Fish Witch

    Repower or not?

    You mentioned this is your last boat. I'm on my last boat too after retiring a few years back. I've always done my own work on my boat and when I had a job, I considered the time spent working on my boat as therapy from my day job. After retirement and as I grow older, I look at the...
  7. Fish Witch

    270 Macinaw - Overhead Access Panels

    I've looked into it but since it's 24 hours daylight up here in the summer I rarely have those things turned on so not much benefit for me. If you're out on the hook a lot it might be worth the swap since there are LED replacement bulbs available, but expensive when I searched for them.
  8. Fish Witch

    270 Macinaw - Overhead Access Panels

    You remove the panels by first CAREFULLY prying off the plastic outer rings of the overhead lights then removing the light. Behind it is an aluminum bracket screwed into the overhead that holds the vinyl panels in place. It helps to have three arms to do this, especially putting them back up...
  9. Fish Witch

    Mackinaw 270 Questions

    Mike - what year is your boat and power? And do you have a generator? Mine came with two group 27 (IIRC) batteries and run on one at a time with the other charging through an isolator. Shore power charges both. Another 270 owner up here but without a generator like mine is set up differently...
  10. Fish Witch

    Trailer maintainence

    Good reminder for all to check their trailers. I have even less wear and tear on my 2008 3 axle trailer going just 1 mile to the launch 2-3 times per year (boat is in a slip), though first use new was 4500 miles to get my boat up here to Alaska My boat was lifted on the new trailer so it never...
  11. Fish Witch

    Trolling valve or kicker?

    My trolling valve controller doesn't have anything that prevents the throttle to be advanced while in trolling mode (ZF63a trans). I've occasionally hit it accidently mainly by my fishing friends who take the helm and advance the throttle briefly. So far, no real damage, though I've seen a few...
  12. Fish Witch

    Help With Fuel Tanks Problem

    I do the same. And opening up the hatch to change over tanks offers the opportunity to look at your engine to make sure nothing is amiss. I found out I left the oil fill cap off making this check the other day, duh!
  13. Fish Witch

    What is a Reasonable Selling Price?

    Rob (Capt Starbucks) sold his 270 Mack last year to a lady up here in Alaska. Pretty much as you describe and a very well maintained boat. He was asking $85k. Here's a link he posted for the sale...
  14. Fish Witch

    Trolling valve or kicker?

    I've got a 270 Mack and it ticked most of my boxes too, and has turned out to be a great boat for me. I installed a kicker first to troll salmon like you do and also to provide backup in case of engine failure as we didn't have SeaTow or BoatUS up here. I got tired of driving outside in the...
  15. Fish Witch

    Shamrock 270 Mackinaw - New Owner

    Mike - welcome to the forum and good to have another 270 owner to share experiences with. I've got a lot of electronic files I've collected over the years, including lots of files on the Yanmar, and have shared with other 270 owners and can give you access to the dropbox if you pm me your email...
  16. Fish Witch

    Fuel Gauge

    You should be able to trouble shoot your fuel gauge and wiring with a VOM. The sender is a simple rheostat with variable resistance, so if you disconnect each sending unit wire and measure resistance to ground, you should see around 240 ohms empty and about 30 ohms full. Reconnect the sender...
  17. Fish Witch

    Low volt reading on my Mack

    I had a similar problem with mine (I think you have the Yanmar too IIRC). It turned out to be a bad connection on the hot lead (red wire) to the alternator. It came loose somehow at the connector and maybe yours got pulled when changing the alternator out.
  18. Fish Witch

    Fresh water tank

    Overfilling the tank shouldn't affect the pump (I've done it many times) and doubt the vent line is the problem though you can open up the fill cap as a way to see if that's it. Afraid it's something internal to the pump if the motor is running and no water.
  19. Fish Witch

    26 Mack in Anchorage

    A friend of my son's boat for sale up here. A long way to go for a Mack for most of you but the 2017 trailer should get it anywhere ;)
  20. Fish Witch

    Finally Got Out!

    Got another nice halibut the other day out to my usual spot in 270' of water. Out with a guy, Ross, who's lived up here for over 40 years and only caught 10-20 pounders on charter boats that seem to specialize in taking clients to their chicken holes. Anyway, a really slow morning with a few...

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