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    My 91 Stalker cabin door and glovebox always seem to leak when it rained,so I decided to make a cover for the boat. I have a Sailrite machine that sews just about anything. 12 yards of top notch material and probably 10 -12 hours of labor, it's finally done. I need to get a fiberglass bow for...
  2. Throwback

    Paint job 91 Stalker

    Here's the story. I was never happy about the shine on my 91 Stalker 26 as it wouldn't shine up very well. Tried wet sanding, compound and wax but still looked lousy. Even a detailer friend tried,so I decided to paint it. After hours of sanding and prep, I sprayed the epoxy primer,sanded that...
  3. Throwback

    2021 Splash

    Loaded up my 26 Stalker and drug down the street today and dunked her in for the season. We were going to get the rest of my docks done but missed the tide so I left her at the marina for a day or 3. Fired up like it was just shut off.
  4. Throwback

    Tachometer wiring

    Does anyone on this forum happen to know the wiring diagram for the tach on a 1991 Shamrock? I tried searching for this but came up empty.
  5. Throwback

    Jump seats

    Been doing a lot of work on my 26 Stalker refinishing all the teak resealed the hydraulic steering head and cleaning. Today I pulled the jump seats out to reupholster them. After pulling the first one apart I found a hack job and a half. I'm going to get some new foam as this was pretty dumb. As...
  6. Throwback

    Hydraulic steering repair

    My steering head developed a leak near the end of the season,the colder the temperature, the worse it got.About a week ago after watching some you tube videos,I ordered the rebuild kit for my Sea Star helm.Ebay had these for less than $30; why not give it a shot.I worked on it yesterday and...
  7. Throwback

    First season wrap up

    After seeing the forecast for snow and 15 degree low temps,I finally called it quits and had my 26' Stalker pulled out.It was my first season with it and put about 35 hours on the boat since splashing in August. .I winterized it and she will be brought to my house soon. Unfortunately,I don't see...
  8. Throwback

    20 Shamrock

    Saw a 1985 20' Shamrock Conwalk on south jersey craigslist for free if anyone was interested.Ph.917 576 8741. It's in Little Egg Harbor area.
  9. Throwback

    Tackle drawer

    Looking for the large plastic drawer for the built in tackle station 16" wide,5"high,9" deep. Anyone?
  10. Throwback

    26' Shamrock 1991 Stalker,Ford to Chevy

    Here's the story; after spending a lot of time working on her come to find the 351 has a cracked block. The plan was to find another engine and finally did. The 350 Chevy crusader which I removed the front mounts and replaced with new ones,removed water pump and am using a crank mount ,removed...
  11. Throwback

    Engine paint color

    Quick question,what color green paint was used on the engine(s) in Shamrock boats?
  12. Throwback

    Flywheel replacement

    Finally got some time to work on the Stalker 26 today.Set up a 4x6 across the side decks and a come along to lift the back of the 351 Ford to remove the bell housing and trans.That 1.5 to 1 trans is a heavy biotch.Flywheel came off missing 2 sections of teeth. Got everything ready to go back...

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