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    Lep's Re-engine Thread Where did all the pictures go??

    Title speaks for itself- What happened? Alot of new members here, many clueless on FB, no where to refer them to.
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    Picture of the day

    Looks like the weather from the midwest to the east seems to be nasty, hopefully it won't be much longer for you guys. Here's a picture from today's run to Nest Key. We have never had it so smooth so we decided to stay another week,maybe by then it will be better at home too.
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    1978 20' exhaust project

    Finally got this done. What a project! Started this because I had one manifold go bad just after I refurbished the hull so I had picked up another used one to get me thru the last season. Decided to go with the Hi Teks to see how they last compared to cast iron ones,but was not thrilled to...
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    ? on Groco strainer and seacock early 20'

    Does anyone know size and model of the Groco strainer and seacock on a 70's- late 80's narrow 20? I'm not near the boat but need to get some parts. I know it uses 1" hose so for the seacock I'm thinking BV-1000? and SA-1000 for the strainer? Thanks
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    Dead rise angle on a 20?

    Guy's Ive been looking for a chart plotter and have decided on a Garmin echo map 50. I want to remove the old thru hull transducer that's mounted opposite the intake thru hull,and place the new one there also. I thought I've seen somewhere here that a 12* transducer is what I should use but...
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    '78 walk thru on ebay Looks like mine's twin even looks like it might have the original upholstery?
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    Pleasure Craft Marine / Crusader news

    Don't know if anyone here has seen this yet but it sounds like an interesting way to insure your supply.
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    Hatch question on a 20

    I'm not sure how these are supposed to look. The rear one is delaminating and like the one in this picture a PO has screwed a cross brace under the center edge on both of them. I'm going to remove and replace the plywood on both but am wondering if they were both seperate or were they hinged in...
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    Making headway on the '78

    Been making progress in spite of the drop in temps and all the rain.Got the railings on,they surprisingly took most of the day. Decals came today and am waiting on the new glass for the side windows before they and the rub rail go back on. Also have the new bottom paint just have to do some...
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    Now the fun begins

    Well as of this am the hard work is done. The Mrs picked out the colors,light blue with an ivory deck. It's always fun,for me anyway,putting them back together. Good thing it's only a 20,I could not get one any bigger into the garage. I ordered the light blue bottom paint yesterday,that is the...
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    New post 78 walkthru rehab

    Having alot of problems adding to post after sites hacking,thought I start anew. link to old thread. Been making some headway finally on this project,going to the paint supplier tommorow to pick out colors. Seems like...
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    How much paint for a repaint?

    I'm getting to the point that I have to start thinking about colors and how much paint to buy for the 20. I know the deck color will be different from the hull. The hull will only be painted to the waterline. Any one have an idea on how much it will take?
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    20 footer rub rail size?

    As I start to work on this boat project I think it might be best to replace the rub rail and rope insert. I did a search but could not find its size in the archives. Does any one know the size and who's got a good price. I did measure 48'10" on the outside of the existing rail. Thanks
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    Trim tabs part 2

    Last winter I had some questions on my tabs When I pulled out the boat I tried the tabs on the way to the ramp and nothing happened but now one actuator is leaking bad and the other just has oil...
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    '78 Walkthru rehab

    I thought I'd post some pictures before I got started on this project.Sorry to repeat myself but for those who don't know the story my Dad bought this boat in Miami about 1993.He liked his Conwalk so much he wanted a Shamrock for use up north. In 2007 he sold his 87 Conwalk,that by the way he...
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    Trailer brake question

    I need to redo the brakes on my Owens trailer,it's a tandem with drums on one axle. The master cylinder went out years ago and had been removed when the trailer was stored. To make it easier on myself and not to cut corners I'm just going to replace everything. I see on parts sites that there...
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    Question for Tabman

    Or any one else. I have asked this before but it wasn't my boat at the time and now I cannot remember the answer:frown-new: I suspect that these tabs were added later to this boat and they are not flush to the bottom,they are approx 1/2" up.Dads conwalk had them on when new and other than the...
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    Where was this picture taken?

    I posted this before in another post and got no response,maybe not enough saw it. I came across this going thru some of my Dads stuff,it was when he picked up the boat in 88. Does anyone know if this was at the dealer or the factory? I seem to remember him telling me that after seeing the boats...
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    Ford power???

    I saw in another thread something about Ford parts getting hard to get. What is actually getting hard to get?
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    20 ft walk around weight?

    I tried to do a search but could not find it,does anyone know the approx weight of a 78 20ft Walk around? thanks Gary

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