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    1997 Shamrock 200 WA

    Crusader 5.7 MPI, installed new in 2016 – EFI, FWC, 315HP, approx. 400 hours Electrical system re-done/new panel, 2017. Everything works as it should. Garmin 70 series plotter/sounder, VHF, new 2020 Cushions and fold down seat in very good condition, no tears. 2x 40 gal alum gas tanks, replaced...
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    14x12 Cupped NI-BRAL Prop

    Great. I'll give you a call today Dave, thanks.
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    14x12 Cupped NI-BRAL Prop

    Prop still available? I could use it.
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    Is a PCM 80i trans an exact replacement for a 40i ?

    Considering replacing my leaking PCM 40I with a new 80I. Wondering how your install went?

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