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  • Hi Tony..
    I have a friend, that owned a canvus shop, I used to work with him, and learned a lot about his business. Unfortunately, after some 30 years in the business, he has closed his doors and moved to Key West to work for another canvus shop ( he was burn out dealing with the customers). I used to be able to buy anything I needed thru him, but as you can see that connection has been lost. I have thought about opening my own account, but as of yet haven't. There is a place that has a very good selection of stuff that sell retail;
    Check them out, you may get lucky.
    Sorry I cant be of more help at the moment. I'm fairly sure I will eventually open an account for I wish to replace all the chrome plated brass snaps and fittings on my Shamrock with soid Stainless steel someday, right now I am just too swamped to think about it.
    Let me know how you make out.
    I see that you have a v6 in your boat. Are you satisfied with the performance? Do you have more room in the engine box than with a v8? I'm looking to do a project boat and was wondering v6 vs v8. I would appreciate hearing from you when you have time.
    Ken Young
    Ft Myers, FL
    Hi Tony. You might remember me as the guyt hat had the Shamrock it Brentwood Bay. I acutally transfered ownership to a close friend of mine and the boat is living in Powel River.

    My friend is wanting to sell it very quickly for a good deal. Its been maintained and is in excellent condition. If you are interested please contact George Johnson at 403-247-4983 or email him at [email protected]

    This could be a steal of a deal.

    Bob Foster
    Hey Tony;

    I noticed your picture and I have an '81 20' cuddy too. Where did you get your bimini and curtain? What are the specs/sizes? Appreciate anyt info you can give me.

    Hey tony, been out getting any. First week in may was great. second for me slowwed but still had action. Gettin ready for the sockeye run in the canal and some good hali off the west coast. I also heard of some hali coming in on this side of the island but cannot con firm, may be rumors. maybe we will see out soon cheers
    Been Busy, sorry I have taken so long to respond. Just got back on Monday from 10 days on thew west coast of the island. Awsome weather, prawning , crabbing , and even got into some springs. Nothing to brag about but a couble of 10lbs are ok with me. I have not yet gotten my lines wet on this side of the island yet. Every time I think I am going to get out on the water either my wife has other plans or my work schedule gets in the way. It was nice seeing another shammy on the water. I always wondered how she looked and by the way yours sits, I like. Keep me posted on how you are doing on the water. I will look for your boat when i'm out. The company I work for does a lot of work for Mark Stone and his marina as well as both pubs around there. I will keep an eye out for you and maybe get to poke around and talk a little bit more about our boats, fishing, and othe B.S.. Nice to hear from you and take care.
    The Laverack was a line that was bred with, I think William Humfres inline strand from England that produced the Llewellin line. The Rymans are the bigger line of Setters weighing 60-85lbs. A good friend I work with has Rymans, they are very gentle and short ranging dogs. I have a couple of pictures I will try to send of my dog.
    Hi Tony,
    The author you are refering to is George Bird Evans, no relation to me. Do you still hunt with setters? I have a Llewellin setter unlike Evans. He bred big Rymans for over 50 years, his inline breed was called "Old Hemlock". George has been dead for about ten years now, not sure what happened to his lineage. Anyway nice to hear from you, where are you located and how long have you had your Shamrock?
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