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    96 with excessive steam

    You need to inspect the cooling system for debris.When the impeller was changed,did you find all the pieces of it? Check trans cooler for debris,etc?
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    Having fun designing my dream Shamrock

    Looks a little like a Donelle.
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    Paint job 91 Stalker

    30 gallon shop compressor,a Harbor Freight gun with a built in regulator kept about 30 psi. The paint is EZpoxy by Pettit. I have never sprayed gel coat so I can't answer that question.That Shamrock looks sharp by the way.
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    Paint job 91 Stalker

    As far as?
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    My 91 Stalker cabin door and glovebox always seem to leak when it rained,so I decided to make a cover for the boat. I have a Sailrite machine that sews just about anything. 12 yards of top notch material and probably 10 -12 hours of labor, it's finally done. I need to get a fiberglass bow for...
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    Drain Plugs Help

    The plug for the bottom might go in from the outside. Mine does.
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    Bad news for Shamrock lovers

    RIP George
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    Paint job 91 Stalker

    Here's the story. I was never happy about the shine on my 91 Stalker 26 as it wouldn't shine up very well. Tried wet sanding, compound and wax but still looked lousy. Even a detailer friend tried,so I decided to paint it. After hours of sanding and prep, I sprayed the epoxy primer,sanded that...
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    New carb for 351

    Before you condemn the holley,check your fuel pump pressure.
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    BIG 1996 Shamrock 220 WA Project

    You could try washing the hull with bleach and water before you start compounding and waxing.You need to get all the wax and crap off before starting.
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    Coaming bolster fasteners

    What are the suckers?
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    Coaming bolster fasteners

    Found them hiding on the boat. Double ended Christmas trees 11/32
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    Velvet drive tranny problems, guess that noise!

    It sounds like shaft zinc is tearing up the strut.
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    Coaming bolster fasteners

    I'm think you're looking for Christmas tree fasteners. I'll look on my boat tomorrow to see what size.

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