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  • Hi Ship I just pulled my port tank, one top side pencil zink wide open venting fumes and hole in top side under foam. Do you have a port tank drawing for a 1986 26 HT? and a jersey coast source for good tanks? [email protected]

    I have some hats, tons of stickers and can get you any shirt you want printed up. Damon was supposed to make a post to see if anyone wanted anything else. Shoot me your email and I'll send you a catalog of the gear I have or can have made. I'm working on a new shirt as well for you guys.

    [email protected]
    Tom, That's the price for one. I have a generic PayPal reply. If I sent you a request for $70.65 which is the cost for two, let me know and I'll resend a request for $38.15.
    By the way, Do you know how to PM as opposed to a visitor message. The PM is not an open message that everybody can read. A VM is open and anybody who comes to my or your page can read what we post.
    Skip, I think you must have me down for 2 burgees. Your pay pal request rfered to "them". I only want one. What the the cost for one? I'll send that payment along to you.
    Tom, Email me from your personal email address if you want to pay through PayPal. Or mail a check for $38.15 to : Thomas Blankenship 531 S. Seaview Avenue, Galloway, NJ 08205
    The PayPal request will come from [email protected] . Skip aka Blankendingy
    Blankendingy I may take you up on that offer. Another member is willing to let me check out his boat but your model is the type that I'm really interested in.


    Mark Wagner
    [email protected]
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