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    For Sale, NEW OLD STOCK, Hard to find,

    I came across a business that has a new "Twin Scan" Dual engine Tachometer for sale, goes up to 3000 RPMS. If it went to 4000 RPMS I'd own it by now! DAMN IT !!! Maybe someone on here with twin engines can use one. @ $350 it's a STEAL! His number is; (954) 520-8640 Text him if interested.
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    Adding a Cobia Tower

    A few off the internet...
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    Adding a Cobia Tower

    The last picture is what was " factory available " on the 290WA. Yet someplace it states that the tower is not sufficiently strong enough for this ! ? Obviously that isn't true.
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    Adding a Cobia Tower

    I Seriously considered it once...but the issue was my boat lift / & canopy cover. Some of the 290wa came with a platform ( piece of starboard) and aluminum railing...but no controls ( steering nor shift/throttle) and of cource you would want a bare min GPS... Honestly... I see the aluminum...
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    Teak refinishing

    There are all sorts of beautiful finishes that can be used, and they all weather fast/bad.....what ever. The easiest, and long lasting ( Tho not shinny and... ) is oil, be it toung or teak or what ever. It doesn't require sanding ( unless you let it go WAY to long) it is EASY to apply with a rag...
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    Boat Cover thoughts please?

    $532 vs $2300....almost 5 Times as much money...will it last 5 times as long, or be 5 times easier to put on and take off??? ...Just wondering...
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    Holy Makos!
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    How little,,How long?? I bought a mini torch that puts out a 2000 degree pencil flame, I held it on the bolt head for 30 seconds,, no help, held it on the bolt head for another minute...still no help,,the metal around it was getting hot and sweating,, I quit. Any input would be appreciated. I...
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    26 ft Cummins 6bt

    I don't know what the specs are on a cummins, but on my Yanmar boost is over 30 PSI. I would guess your boost to be way low, check out the specs. I think that's about right for Cummins 6BT. They aren't wastegated. One of the reasons these engines are rated for such high duty cycles (on...
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    Rubber nipples for fuse cover?

    Hate to say this, but I think West Marine sells them also.
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    I am surprised by that. We have "certain gas stations" that carry "Rec Fuel" and All the gas sold at all the marinas is "rec fuel" ( which is ethanol free fuel)
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    OUCH...! $49 for 12 oz can on E Bay ( or $75 for same 12 oz can, different listing) And....can't be shipped via USPS!
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    Breaking loose rusted bolts .. FYI

    I cant find "Free" anywhere, all I find is "Free All" (by certified labs) And "Free All" Is what I quoted, and bought. So you are saying they make another product, simply called "Free" ?

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