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  • Hi Seatux:
    we spoke some time ago about corroding zippers on my bimini sunbrella. YKK metal size 10. You mentioned you had seen alternative material that may stand up better than alum. I have tried to source them but have struck out. Its time to get going on replacing the half dozen zips that are frozen. Can you advise any options you know of. I would like to import something that would stand up to salt and don't want to go back to original, which is all we seem to have in this Country. Thanks in advance. Tony
    The CD is too big for email,
    Please send me a mailing address and I get you a CD.
    Hey seatux,
    What did you have in mind re: St. Kitts and Belmont Estate Golden Coconut Rum?
    I'm looking for a parts source for my 6lp-dte, can you help?
    Kinda generic. If you lived near me I could tell you where I go, however, your profile doesnt give me a clue, you may be in China for all I know.
    And what kind 0f parts? Oil filters or new pistons and turbo charger?
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