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  • Hello there,
    My name is Isaac. I just got my first shamrock and I can hardly wait to take her out.
    I do need to replace the starter. She had 351w Pcm. It's 1998 200 open model.

    A friend of mine sent me your way for advise on changing the starter to top mount instead of the bottom mount.

    Would you be willing to share with me if you have any experience with the conversion and what parts will I need as well as of course if you have any in stock or not.

    I am on the west coast. Please don't hesitate to call or email me at anytime.

    [email protected]
    503 914 7030

    Kind Regards.
    Scooter, would you happen to have a high pressure fuel pump for. A 2001 PCM 5.7. I would need it next day. Thanks, Mike
    Hay Scott, I am on year 1 with my 220 Cuddy / rebuilt 351 with a Carter fuel pump with Bowl, a new IGNITOR II Electronic Ignition and Coil and what appears to be 2 year old “non-marine Carb” with the electric Choke Disabled and could use some advise on Upgrades. Retreiver started and ran like a top all summer after updating to the electronic ignition, however after a month + of sitting in this New England weather I cannot even get her to fart without spraying a little carb cleaner in the air filter so I can suck in some antifreeze and put her to bed. Currently I am thinking of at least converting to an electric Fuel pump right away so I can hard line the output and easily prime filters and know that I will not have a secondary filter clog at sea, but the jury is still out on the non-marine carb. Let me know what you think, I just want to have a reliable powerplant to maintain over the years. Thanks in advance for your support. Moe/Lubber
    Scott,sorry to hear about your store.I am looking for a drive saver for my 86 26HT has PCM351 1.52:1 velvet drive.I saw some info in the archives that you may have these at a good price.I also fix and resell boats and may be interested in some of your inventory.My phone #is 609-381-7520 email [email protected] Thanks
    Hey Scooter ... I'd like to buy one of your raw water pumps -- "Johnson Pump Crank Mounted Raw Water Pump (F6B-9 model)". Is that off of the Yanmar 6LPA ? It takes the F6B-9 Johnson part# 10-24493-01 which includes the gear that is driven from the fly wheel.
    Scooter any chance on a alternator bracket for a ford 351 1994 indmar,bracket has number 53-2017 can not seem to locate one ...... Thanks Tony
    Hey Scott, Can you give me a price for a manifold riser to replace an Indmar 53-2018. Goes on a 1989 Indmar Ford 302. Three inch outlet. Shipping will be to 31061. Thanks, Hank
    Hey Scott,

    I need to know if you can price a thermostat and impeller kit for a 2004 PCM, RWC 5.8l HO. Need these shipped to 32225 by Friday if possible.

    Thank You !
    Scooter, here is a list of the parts I need. Let me know what you can do. Would like to place order today if possible.

    Engine Model: SLAWFL15EFI

    Transmission oil and Engine Oil Dual cooler, part# r147035.

    Oil Cooler Lines for engine oil. There should be 3 lines present. Currently I only have 2 of the 3 lines as a previous owner bypassed the oil cooler. I can measure the two lines I have but will need to purchase at least one new line to complete the loop.

    Manifolds & Risers. With new bolts and gaskets

    Alternator (refurb ok)

    Raw Water Pump Impeller (pump is mounted to main pulley)

    2 V Belts. (one to replace and one for backup)

    2 Fuel Filters (one to replace and one for backup)

    Let me know what you can do. Thanks, Rusty
    hi Scooter

    would you have a set of engine mounts for my 1982 pilot house it has a ford 302 engine. My mounts have no threads left on the shafts .
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