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    Oil Pressure Sensor Location

    Sounds like the new sender was for a gauge instead of for an indicator light...
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    Back to back seats for sale

    No, not ripped...just not in "new" condition! Yes, base is some type of plastic material.
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    Oil Pressure Sensor Location

    What is "ECT"... excuse my ignorance... What year is the engine? Our 5.7 PCM has only one sender for oil pressure.
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    Back to back seats for sale

    These were on our 86 H/T and were removed to put on a flat cushion. They don't slide open, looks like previous owner changed the rail system maybe? I'm not familiar with the sliding set up so can't say. I'm not sure what they are even worth, anyone is welcome to chime in or message me about...
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    Trailer maintainence

    Unfortunately, lack of use is the worst enemy of trailers...
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    Trailer tires - where would you buy?

    Back in 2020, we got 4 Carlisle radials for a decent price at a Walmart auto center. We went to a Monroe shop to have them mounted.
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    What to look for

    Hire a marine surveyor to look it over before you finalize the deal!
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    302 starting issues

    Yeah, damper...why in the heck did I type flex plate...
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    302 starting issues

    Sure sounds like it!
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    302 starting issues

    I'll give this a shot, but...I need some clarification on your terminology... When you say "grind" you mean actual grinding sound from the starter or grind as in extended engine cranking to get it to fire? When you say "hand advance" the you mean advancing the timing by turning...
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    Timing cover question...

    2007 PCM Chevy 5.7 Crankshaft position sensor mounted in the bottom of the timing cover. Question is: Does the timing cover have an oil pan seal on the bottom or does the oil pan need to be dropped to remove the timing cover? I can't tell from the PCM parts manual breakdown. They show a "cover...
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    246 CC Steering Cylinder replacement

    I doubt the arm is threaded, the one in our 26 wasn't. If you can get the arm off the rudder post, put it in the freezer for a few hours, the cold shock might break the corrosion bond. HEY... what's a wire nut doing in a boat???
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    Drain Plugs Help

    Is there a garboard drain under the engine?
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    Loosing Power when Pulling the Kids on a Tube

    I'd check fuel pressure under full load first. - mechanical or electric pump? You say Holley carb... assuming a 4 barrel? - mechanical or vacuum secondary's? What distributor? - what kind of spark advance?
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    Yeah, I had to check the calender to see if it was April 1st...

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