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Dec 26, 2020
Aug 7, 2006
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Emerald Isle, N.C.
fiberglass repairs/fabrication

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Quik Fix

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Dec 26, 2020
    1. deputyrpa
      Hey jerry! As you may have noticed from my post, i purchased a 1987 26' Hardtop last Tuesday. I does not have a tackle station. Are you still making those baitwells for the transom area? I'd like one please! Thanks.
    2. Jerry Wade
      Jerry Wade
      I just purchased a 1988 Grand slam and am looking for some direction. It is a project that I am looking forward to restoring. No manuals and was told to see if you could help give some direction in restoration.
    3. james liberi
      james liberi
      I assume you are talking about the three props and one shaft, i would do 50.00 each 200.00 package for all , the shaft shows some cuttless wear but deffinet ly usable can you arrange p/u in nj.
    4. PumpSails
      Classic Shamrocks have straight ________! I can't sign up without this answer. can you advise ?
      1. Heinz 57 Shamrock
        Heinz 57 Shamrock
        Having the same issue when I try to join. I tried -inboard,inboards,shaft, and drive with no success. Help please
        Nov 10, 2017
    5. Keeper
      Hey Jerry. Just following up to see if by chance you would be working on any livewells for our 26 this spring?? Thanks!
    6. Sunrise
      Hi Quik Fix - I was encouraged to contact you about repairing/replacing a pulpit on a 26 foot Mackinaw. Is this something you can help me with?
    7. Sunrise
      New to this group. During a major refit of a 1990 Makinaw, my guy found a rotted bow pulpit that I would like to replace. Any suggestions on where I can find a replacement? This will be my 23rd year with the boat and I have no intention of getting rid of it. Thanks. David
    8. Makai
      I hope the storm had mercy on your property and the boats
      South Florida had a wiggle in the track of Mathew's storm and it gave
      the Bahamas more destruction then we had. TheBahama's were really
    9. rhodescr
      I'm looking for a deck hatch for the front of my 89 26' cc. Measures 32" x 36". Any help or leads would be appreciated.

    10. JWill
      Hi qf. Thanks for the link. Checking it out now.
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    Emerald Isle, N.C.
    fiberglass repairs/fabrication
    Anything to do with salt water and boats


    '89 26' cuddy, 351, GT40P, FWC, QUIK FIX II
    '75 20' open fisherman, 4.3 Mercruiser, QUIK FIX III
    16' Sandpiper, 40 Yamaha, Lil' Quik Fix
    14' Certified Fiberglass, 9.9 Zuke 4 stroke
    1987, 31GS, Lindas Rock