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    Boat Cover thoughts please?

    My boat is $300 to shrink wrap. Considered a cover, too much money.
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    Spray rails on a 246

    Google Smart Rails. They only attach with an adhesive. There is no access for the rails that are mechanically fastened.
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    Spray rails on a 246

    I have Smart Rails on my 246 open for twenty years. Beware not to install them properly though.
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    Backing Block material on thru hull fixtures

    Encapsulated oak.
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    Bilge glass delamination

    Looks like tabbing with the gel coat lifting. Lots of suggestion, I think Seatux pretty much summed it up. Get an opinion from a a fiberglass repair professional.
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    Holding tank vent filter.

    Install a Dometic/Sealand holding tank carbon filter. Currently on sale at Aquastar Distributors in Farmingdale NY
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    Dirty Bilge

    And, dispose of greasy water properly. Not pumped into the local estuary.
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    Hull Zinc On Transom_ 260 Mackinaw

    Actually my experience in all model Grand Banks are they are wired quite well.
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    Hull Zinc On Transom_ 260 Mackinaw

    Wow! I guess the female spade that the neutral should have been connected to is to power the LED. The background behind my generator query was that at the generator the neutral and ground should be connected together.
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    Cushion fastener? What is this/Who makes?

    Looks like the one on my 246 open.
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    Forward Bilge Pump

    Looks good.
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    Hull Zinc On Transom_ 260 Mackinaw

    How was it installed incorrectly? Do you have a generator?
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    Hull Zinc On Transom_ 260 Mackinaw

    Excellent article and on point. Pillar, excellent reading .
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    Starter Issue

    There is a slave solenoid to reduce voltage drop to the starter solenoid from the key switch. Should be located on the top of the engine. Replaced mine several years ago..
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    3M 5200 Banned in California

    Never used it since it is too aggressive of an adhesive sealant. This is not commonly used by most technicians, a better alternative is Lifeseal or Lifecaulk.

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