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    Free Boat!

    No Affiliation
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    20' Cheap
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    Early Spring Work on my 17

    looks like an extra pully for the AC unit!
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    4140 out of 17'

    I'm sent
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    Mac with Outboard

    no affiliation Looks Very Interesting
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    Repowering a 17 with the 3.0 Volvo

    OK thanks! Do you have any pictures or a description of how the Volvo went in? I'd love to hear more!
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    Repowering a 17 with the 3.0 Volvo

    If that pickup does not work out, I would happily pay to have the manifold shipped to Maine.
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    Cheap 26 ht in Maine

    I looked this over on Saturday. Boat was in the water for a year in Maine without use and has fairly heavy marine growth, i.e. there was a 'rope' of mussels hanging off of the shaft, barnacles on the prop, etc. "Bailed out" regularly but to me the bilges looked tough. Good bones as long as the...
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    Nice 17

    Saw this ad earlier today. No affiliation.
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    2005 Mac

    Yes the gallery of pictures in the link to the "full Description" show a lot of damage.
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    2005 Mac

    About all I can say is Ouch
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    Looking for PCM4140 parts

    There was lots of discussion in previous years about installing solid state ignition. I never did it but some on the board did and were very happy. It seemed like an easy upgrade. Have you looked at any of those threads or kits?
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    Water pump for Mitsubishi

    This thread shows pictures and procedures for rebuilding these pumps.
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    1985 17' Shamrock Center Console

    Nice looking boat! Good luck with the sale! I've got a 17 too. I'm in Scarborough but have not even taken the cover off yet, it's just been too cold. Where about is your boat?
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    Left Coast 26 PH D Seems like a good deal

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