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  • Greetings!
    Thought you could help me out. I have on my 20 Pilot House project. The Pilot house is unattached as well as the top deck from the hull. I am getting ready to paint (Interlux roll and tip) and wondering if I need to apply a sealant to the top deck when I screw in the rub-rail.
    1. Do I apply a sealant to the top deck where the upper hull is attached.
    Thank you.
    Rick Bynum

    So sorry but I had not seen your message you sent on 8-27-13 until today. Guess it came in with another PM and I didn't realize there were two messages. Sent you an email via this board with my home address. If you didn't get it let me know and will try something else. Didn't want to post it on a public board if I didn't have too.

    You have no idea how much I enjoyed meeting you, George and family, Richard, and others at the Florida "convention". It was a great treat. Think of it often and am grateful to Craig Fox for putting it together.

    Cecil Rhodes
    hello nay
    I was helping quick fix with some pics of my 22 so he could fabricate a hardtop. I saw his pic or drawing of his boat and asked him how he got that. I run a part time charter with my boat and would like some drawings of my boat. can you help me with that? for a price of course. let me know?
    thanks tom
    Hi Nay,
    I thought I could tag you in a post but I guess that doesn't work.. anyway hope all is well.

    I posted this in the Apparel thread...
    "Coool! I think I'll be online shopping at CafePress very soon

    And and idea/question... @Nay, can we use your drawings to make shirts?"

    thank you for your help not sure what i want to do but i know i love the boat.once i get the big hpose finished then ill start on the boat build
    Hello Nay..............
    Your name came up discussing the porta-potti to fit the recessed floor in a 20 WA. The Thetford 135 was recommended but the dimensions seem to big on that too.
    Any advice???

    Lake Superior
    Thanks Nay!!!!
    I just need to change the color and it will look very close to mine.
    The 20ft looks like it has the snout cut off. I would love a 22 just for the looks!
    Again great work and thanks for all you do.
    I was talking to Jerry "Quickfix" tonight and he said you may be able to lead me in the right direction.

    I have a 96 260 express with some damage to the platform and rail. Do you know who did the stainless for Shamrock during this time and do you think they could duplicate one if I can not fix mine?

    I have lots of other questions since Jerry said you are quite the Shamrock authority.

    can you do this off a digital pic...i have many photos in email form...some are closer than others. most are in the water but have a couple of the boat hanging in a sling. boat dimensions are LOA 22 ft 3 inches hull only...pulpit adds 24 inches off the nose. swim platform adds 20 inches off rear with step and brackets .... mine was only a 18x18 platform not the one that runs all way across rear of vessel. in a side view it will not matter as they would look the same. chrome tubing used on the nose railings around front are made from 3/4 inch ss tubing...uprites on the T-Top are made from 2 inch ss tubing....top rail or header on T-Top is 3/4 inch same as the nose rail. radome is 14 inches tall .... vhf antenna is 8 ft....keel is 17 inches from bottom of the hull to the lowest point...at the rear of keel. as a point of referance the texas sticker on side of the vessel are 4 inch square...some pics orange some blue and white. i can get most other measurements actual off the boat . where do i send the pics?? just let me know i am very excited about the prospect of getting this done...we have many 22's on our board so many folks are going to get a real surprise !! garry
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