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  • Mistress, I've got the same boat and engine as you do, and I'm starting to learn about propellers. I am going to take mine off, have it analyzed, and either recondition it or replace it based upon what some performance data tells me. Currently all I know is it is a 17" Michigan... I am curious what you are running? And do you think it is safe to say that this Cummins Mackinaw is about 6,000 lbs dry? Thanks again!
    Hey Steve.
    Lost my password and started a new profile
    Anyway to find my login information and send to my email. I have a different email than the one that’s on file.
    Mistress, I sense ur a 6BT Mackinaw owner that leave their boat in the water. I have a '99 Mac 6bt with 1200 hours. 3 years ago it performed as designed 2600+ rpm WOT. Gradually I'm losing WOT RPM under load. I believe its from water weight gain. I'm going to reprop the boat to get back to 2600 RPM WOT. I believe the engine is fine. Have you had to change pitch over time to keep from lugging the engine?
    Happy B'day you (getting) old f... Glad you're gettin' out fidhing again!

    Have a great day! Kurt
    Steve i still have freaking belt dust on the front of my motor and still can't figure it out.I put a puke tank for my crank case breather like you and i talked about but that didn't help.Must be just belt dust. Andy
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