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  • Danny, I wanted to say thank you for the stickers. Damon said you were the source of the ones he included in the box when he sent out the FishFest Tee shirts. Do you have any other stuff you'd like to get rid of? I am a 2x or 3x which tend to wind up in the over stock bin. Thanks again Ship aka Skip Blankenship P.S. I could trade you a single sided burgee for something. lol
    Danny, do you have any of the stickers still avil? I would like a few of the one with the three billfish, if you are not doing this anymore could I get the file sent to me so I could have a local shop print them for me because I really like that art work.

    Danny....Hope everything is going well, could let you me know when you are going to do more hats. I have a giant dome, which takes an XL Flex Fit hat. I have some at the home that I can ship to you. I'm in San Diego, we met at last years Fish Fest. Have you been fishing? I have been hitting the Rockcod Banks down here.
    Give me a call. (619) 415-3430
    Thanks Jim
    Danny.... A 5 1/2 inch height for the colored part would be perfect. Smaller would be OK, but couldn't go much larger. Any chance your embroidery guy might want to give these a try? What might be the cost? George
    Excellent.... I can't get the certian figure on the height of the decal till tomorrow AM. If that is a concern, I'll sent you a message then. If not, then I'll wait to hear from you this w/e. Thanks!

    Your recent posting on the 'Decals' thread reminded me that I really want to 'scratch that itch' thats been burning since we last exchanged PMs maybe a year ago....

    You might recall the outstanding job you did creating a Shamrock e-file for me....the one in Orange and Blue! Well, I've let that sit since then (a bit worried a potential Florida Gators vs USC Trojans 'conflict) but this FTC thread got me thinking that I'd really like to finish get the decals.

    Any chance you could make some for me or direct me to someone that could? What I'd like are mabye 5 or so made in UV resistant/non-fading/weather resistant material that would have a clear background and the glue on the back (so I can mount them on the hull, instrument box, etc). I'd like them about 5-6 tall so they'd fit nicely on a single flat surface.

    Hoping you might still have interest..... George
    Ditto on the hats, Danny. Great work on all of the items. I saw the table that you helped with. would love a hat, and could use a copy of the billfish logo and the new Shamrock slanted font logo. I want to print them onto a white decal material and mount them to my guage cluster and switch panel after I paint them . thanks, Keith
    Hello Danny, My name is Robert Walker I'm in Mesa Az. Just got my 1st Shamrock after years of wanting.I'm a truck&bus body shop owner, lookin forward to restoring this neglected vessel. At our business we have vinyl plotters, would like to put new logos on my boat ,can you help? THX BOB
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