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    That's the nice thing about Florida. I'm in Pinellas and if you get anywhere near the water here just about every station has non ethanol rec fuel
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    Trailer tires - where would you buy?

    An accident would not be a problem. Trailer tires say for trailer service only for the exact reason you specified they are built cheaper and the tread is half of what a normal tire is. You get caught running trailer tires on a car or truck and you could be looking at a problem not the other way...
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    Trailer tires - where would you buy?

    This is partly wrong. While a car tire won't have the capacity needed for trailer use any load range d and above LT truck tire will be superior to most if not all ST trailer tires. The cost will be much higher for LT tires but they will perform better and last much longer. We run Goodyear...
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    New 26 shamrock owner!

    What year? It looks like a normal cuddy with a custom whatever that is?
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    Yanmar 6LY Repower

    Has anyone here or know someone who repowered a 26' with a Yanmar 6LY. I have decided that I love my Predator and plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. Currently it has a 383 with vortec heads and a 1:1.52 velvet drive. Diesel is more my thing so I would prefer that.
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    91 Shamrock 20cc

    here you go
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    Fuel tanks connected together??

    When I reran my fuel lines I utilized both feed ports on my filter/water separator one for each tank but I do have valves to isolate the tanks if need be. I have been sticking my fuel tanks and they seem to be drawing pretty equally.
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    Cockpit shade idea

    I have one of these. Pricey but very nice.
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    Rear Main Seal Options

    The rear main seal can only leak with the engine running so I wouldn't necessarily worry about the seal. The pan sump and drain plug/hose are really the only areas that can drop all the oil
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    Exhaust Crossover?

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    Exhaust Crossover?

    That’s correct. 8285 precision feeding a 6266. Dual high pressure fuel pumps and 60% over injectors.
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    Exhaust Crossover?

    I’m not opposed to hose it’s just that’s what my entire exhaust is. Normally when I do connections it’s with v band and flex joint.
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    Exhaust Crossover?

    I'm redoing my exhaust to get rid of most of the rubber hose and am replacing it with stainless steel. I've got some 3" tees leftover from a previous project and was thinking about putting a crossover in while I'm there. Pros cons?
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    Power Pole Shallow Water Anchors

    Anybody running a set?
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    26 hard top with Ford 351 Performance numers

    I've got a little more power than you but there are some numbers from my 26' predator towards the end of this thread.

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