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  • Hi,
    I'm new to this forum.I have the same boat as you a 1998 shamrock mackinaw and i like to install some spray rails on it.I saw you have the m1000 that has been cut in half.Do you find the 9 foot section cut in half works good or would a full 9 foot on each side would be better
    Thanks jean
    Holty, (Short Circuit) The more I read your posts the more I believe we have met. Do you happen to work in the marine electronics industry ?
    Have you ever serviced the MMB out in PT. Montauk ? Would you know Carl Darrenburg Sr.& Jr. ?
    If so, I believe I may have purchased a few Standard Horizon VHF's with the scrambler mod. at the NY Coliseum many moons ago for my SeaTow / Boat US business.
    Was your last boat a "blackfin" of something similar with the same name ?
    I have worked & surfed in Montauk "MMB" for many years late 70's -90's time span.

    Just curious, if I'm having a flash-back, or out in left field all together. LOL
    Are You in the Great South Bay area ?

    The fellow I'm remembering worked the national boat shows selling marine electronics I believe.
    Just a thought I had so hopefully you don't mind me asking.
    Jim "Boathook"
    I am new to this forum. I found it while looking for info on Shamrocks. I noticed that your boat is in Huntington Harbor. I live in Huntington. I am thinking about buying a 20ft Walkthrough that I saw, looks to be in good shape. It it has RWC. Do these boats need a lot of maintenance and tlc? I am trying to decide between something very ordinary like a SeaPro 190 W/A with a Yamaha OB (11 yrs old boat and motor) or the Shamrock which seems to have some real style. I would be mooring the boat off the Wincoma dock.
    Yup Up Her On The Merrimac River Newburyport Ma Fishing Off Plum Island But This Summer Trailering Out Of My Amesbury Ma Back Yard Because Of Lack Of Employment After A 14 Year All Around Machinist Job In A Semi Conductor Company That Went Belly Up.34 Years In The Toolmaking Machinist Trade..rain Is On It's Way For The Weekend Here..john
    Hello Jay, How are you doing? Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new website I think you might enjoy - it is called: "fishingunited.com" Check it out. I am involved with the site, i have a board there "Boating with Capt. Rick". I put up a thread there showing
    my new 31 foot boat build and I know you would enjoy checking it out. So please stop on by there and say hello. Best Regards, Rick Smith
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