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    Replacing Skeg bushing

    But Ship 50 - 70 hp is a far cry from nearly the same. I could see the V6 conversion but a 4 cylinder would hardly get one of those big tubs to plane off I would think. If George thought a 3.0 was a good choice for a 20 he could have used them- after all he had them in the 17 so he had the source
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    Replacing Skeg bushing

    No he mentions a 1 1/4" bore prop on a 1" shaft. General Propeller has nylon tapered bushings so you can use a larger bore prop on a smaller shaft. Pretty sure that is what he means. I wonder if he is correct on the engine size - a 3.0 Mercruiser is 140 hp pushing a 20? That's a small engine...
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    No I have not. Every boat I have has it's original ignition. I personally am comfortable with points have never converted anything I own to electronic or CD. I think DUI's are worth it if you do convert rather than some conversion kit specially if you need a new distributor anyway. Another...
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    DUI's normally fit,it's close but they do. That said there has been a couple of cases where they didn't. That was solved by making a thin spacer between the manifold and the thermostat housing
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    - oil pan - some crank and water pump pulleys' - wiring harness's and ECM's if fuel injected If raw water cooled - upper thermostat housing - timing cover - intake manifold That said I as well run the Fords. If your not in a hurry you can find the hard to get parts,you just have to keep...
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    1988 17'

    Been working on mine as well going a different route since my bases are just falling apart. One base was able to be held together with hot glue enough to use it as a mold. Made the copy and split it lengthwise. Then cut it into 3 sections extending it equal lengths on either side of the backrest...
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    85 Shamrock 17' CC (4140 Motor/Transmission/Fuel Tank)

    Mistress - these guys make them last I heard they were $1600. So glad my 17 came with an Indmar one less thing to worry about although I emailed them to inquire if they still supply parts and have not received a response. Nice clean install Sean, what trans...
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    Trailer maintainence

    Saltwater really beats them up-you never seem to be able to flush it all away. My Owens trailer dates back to 87 when my dad bought his conwalk. He switched trailers when he bought the walkthru since it had a single axle and was easier to move around the lot. Always had the boat lifted off until...
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    Just want to add that there are at least 11 different formulations of ethanol fuel so what works one place will have different results elsewhere. If you follow other forum's you'll see a pattern that you Easterners seem to have the most problems with it. So whatever you get there is not as...
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    Deck repair/Adding stability

    Coosa will be no different than screwing into the deck just like what he had,remember Coosa has a couple of layers of mat over foam. It will pull out. I like your plan the only difference I would do would be to use Douglas Fir. Soak it or bag it in CPES. Then I would think about using these to...
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    Same here in Illinois- it would be a 50 mile round trip to get non ethanol and with the way they drive here I might as well stay home and just set myself on fire. In June I picked up my 170 from a friend in NC. Last time he had it out was in '15. Full of rec fuel it still even smelled good. I...
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    Original Seat Cushions & Canvas

    Post #12
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    Did crusader stop making 350 block engines?

    2014 Ship- here is a little info
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    Did crusader stop making 350 block engines?

    What do you mean Ship? PCM is owned by Correct Craft now
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    Help With Fuel Tanks Problem

    Even though George was well out of the picture by the time your boat was built I get the feeling he didn't put too much faith in things that were "automatic" so it's just probably a continuance of his ideas . As to an unbalanced boat what do you do when people move around? That's what trim tabs...

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