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  • LOL I have a lot to do on mine. My dad is getting all the wiring cleaned up and operational. When I get home at the end of this week I have to pull the motor out and put the new one in and do some plumbing of the livewell and new bilge pumps. I hope to have it running the week after memorial day. We will see.
    Worked on y 26er yesterday and ordered the wrong valves for gas tank. Got one out it looks good. No rust. Going to soak in diesel fuel .

    I'm tight when it comes to money. I'm on disability.

    Hard to live on a nigs pay check!!!!!!!!!!
    No problem just a little confusion. I know how it is. I am going to be working on my 26 hard to get it ready for the Illuminating Autisim Fund Raiser at pirates cove.
    Got three 6's for sale also. Sorry I lead you astray? Can have pic by sunday. Worked on the gas valve on 26 today!!!!!
    Almost lost my temper. My day really sucked. I pulled the decks,of course I ordered the wrong valE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You know how it goes
    Fully_Load, What is the picture of? Looks to me to be a floating production platforms. Just curious. Coach
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