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  • Foxhole, I am brand new to SBOC and a brand new boater as well as brand new owner of a ‘99 walkaround. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to make the back to back bench seats, into a sun pad. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Craig how are you doing? I haven't seen you post much but neither have I. I am better than the last we spoke but still waiting on another fusion. I feel better in general though.
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    I'm good. I don't post much either. Glad to here your back is manageable. I have been way too busy to keep up lately.
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    I have not talked to you in a LONG time ........ How's things

    My home front is settling down at work and at home ..... My new boss took away the 4 day work week and made it a 5 day ...... 2 more hours and 53 more day's ....... that limits my time down at my shore place ..... Oh well 4 more years ....... I turned 58 10/08 ...... Paw in'law is enjoying the apartment we put him in at Paul's Run .... a dementia care home ........ Really bad off shore season ....... weather and lack of fish .... My son Michael (33 yo) just took a big 6 pointer (small rack ..... Big body .... 150# field dressed) so we have some venison ....... Sitting watching the trucks at Daga .......

    Hope all is well with you and say Hello to the family .......

    Your other brother Greg .......
    I'm sending this as a fovor for George B's wife Kathy. She said you requested a CD of the videos that were shown at the reunion. Could you please post your address here and I'll send it to her so she can send you the CD?
    Hey My name is Emily Fox I'am Craig Fox daughter.

    (I see my 7yo got ahold of my computer while i was out. :)
    craig, All I am getting when I view the site is text. Never had it clich this way. Where's the setting to view graphics and text? Skip
    Have any 4" OD fiberglas tubing? Need any gas hose - I have >40' each 5/16 and 3/8" trident A1-15. Also have some other stuff left over from the 'project. About to go put it in the water - rain be damned. I'll holler back later. If you have tubing - call me at 985-789-4835. hope you are well.
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