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    Gavin - How much did we lose?

    Okay Guy/Gals It's getting late, and I won't be able to say all I want to say as I am pretty tired. We didn't lose much. Not much at all. We're back up & running, and the hatches have been closed. I still have some minor adjustments to make on the board, but I think you guys will find this...
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    Board Update

    If you guys have noticed, we have been pretty shakey these last few days. Bug in the server, but it has almost been eliminated. We will be moving to the new vbulletin board hopefully within the next 48 hours. Keep checking back as the link to the new board will be posted for some of you to peek...
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    Drive Hey Puddle, welcome to the board. We are ok on funds for this year & next. If you will notice, this board is free of advertisements. No "get your wheel" of endorsement, or numerous boat ads up & down the page. We don't play those games here on this board. We are 100% member supported...
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    Bow & Stern Thruster Update

    Hmm I'd call that guy the king of laziness. Some people just have too much money on their hands. Oh how I wish it were me. I would help a few people in this world that truly needed help, not waste it on a frivolous "upgrade" such as this. I have to say, I have NEVER seen a pleasure vessel with...
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    Hmmm I have kept that forum open to non-registered posters, but if that crap keeps appearing, I will nix that in a heartbeat. Jim, you can always call me directly, or send me a PM if this appears again. I have several people helping me to rid the board of this crap, and trust me, it is a...
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    the oil change from HELL

    Yup Glad to say that hasn't happened to me yet, but I have guessed the WORST part about this story...... You didn't even get lucky with the woman! :lol:
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    Need a Prop?

    Huh Bow AND stern thrusters? Huh? Seems like he has all the thrusting he needs in the stern of that beauty. What's he gonna do with stern thrusters? Turn her into a tug? Scooter, you must have been typing too fast! :o Gavin
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    Black Hole

    Yup We lost a router for a little while. Back up & screaming now. Gavin
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    Digital tachometer in Stalker...which one??

    Yup Definately Aetna. I have one on my 220WAC. I listened to Lep & found a never used one @ a bargain price. I got lucky! Definately one of the best improvements I have made to my Shammy. :D Gavin
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    Posting Pics

    Hey Chris You can always post them here for free too! Gavin
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    Discount Inboard Marine Catalog -

    Agreed They do have great service, but their prices are over the top. Sure wish they would stop trying to exact every penny they can out of the parts they sell. Tim smokes their butts in prices. I like Tim because UPS has overnight delivery w/o paying the one day shipping charges. Tim's stuff...
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    Yuppers Welcome to the site my friend. I grew up in Mathews, VA, so fishing the lower Chesapeake is my old backyard. Skipm has it right about the HD of boats. We have a unique crew around here. We don't play any games, and we call 'em like we see 'um. The best thing about this site is, we all...
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    220 Open Center Console - Advice

    Rock & Roll BKK, You're gonna rock & roll all day long in something with a 24 degree deadrise. You'll slice the ocean on runs, but you're gonna be rocking side to side ALL day long in that creature when you're trying to fish. Trust me, that Shamrock is just right in the deadrise department...
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    Don't Go Hunting!

    With Dick Cheney that is! HA! At least he shot a lawyer! :lol: Boy will the late night talk shows have a field day with this one!
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    220 Open Center Console - Advice

    Well You're definately looking at the right vessel. She is a pretty versatile machine, and will do just as you are asking her to do. She can handle the snot, and not give you an un-comfortable feeling if your 30 miles offshore. We have plenty of people on here with that same vessel. I have the...

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