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  • Got my brother in law to buy my boat but I am only the mechanic for him. (Right now it needed new fuel lines, fuel pump, water pump, b-blower and carb rebuild). I am still up here in Hampton, are you in Il. and did you ever pull off a deal for a place in Mico? I want to contact one of the administrators to get my old password/avatar back. Any suggestions who I should contact? Tom
    Hey Mike: It's been a while since I contacted you. Sold my boat in 2005 or so, now it's sitting in my backyard again. Ha, ha. Cindy and I met you and you wife in MD and did the meet and greet together for the FTC gathering. We also went out on your boat (and I think it was you had some carb trouble or fuel vent issues but we made it back to the dock).
    Eyekymo That time has come. I will be putting my 1987 26 cudy up for sale.
    A few years back you requested first crack ? Still interested ? I Plan to put up some pics and
    requested stats .
    I lost your phone # when I splashed my cell phone my cell 561-282-8276
    I will need your help getting pics posted to a for sale add.
    Alan ( Makai )
    In daytona for a fishing trip. Buddies boat broke and hoping for a in shore bottom trip with two fish experienced teenagers. You available? Can reciprocate for Chesapeake Bay/ VB Ocean or fuel!!!
    Mark E, I just saw this. So sorry. I'm not in Fl. often, and wasn't then, but I might have been able to hook you up, had I seen this. I didn't even know that this venue existed. I'm used to PM (Private message).
    Anyway, sorry again, and maybe next time.
    How do I locate the fuel sensors on my boat. They are registering below empty. I guess it could be the gauge, but I think it is more likely the senders. Anyway, appreciate your advice. Thanks - Andy
    I am hoping that I have figured out how to PM. I am the fellow in Melbourne with the Striker. I think I am making progress on getting my boat back in the water but I have hit some walls and I need some advice. Hopefully, if you respond, I will get the message and we can start a conversaion.

    My email address is real life is [email protected] and my cell is 850-322-4438
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