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    Merry Christmas to Everyone Out There in the World of Shamrocks

    Boat looks great all decorated for Christmas.......
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    Nebraska buck

    That is a couple of fine looking deer.....Congrats to you both.
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone Out There in the World of Shamrocks

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all......Please be safe out there.
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    2017 Year in pictures

    I've never eaten a fish taco. Maybe one of these days I'll give one a try.
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    1989 Shamrock 31' Grand Slam $40,000 OBO

    Very Nice Boat.....I wish that I had 40 Grand just sitting around collecting dust.....GLWS
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    I LOVE my Shamrock

    I'd rather have the gauge reading wrong in the direction that yours is reading than the other direction. At least you won't run out thinking you still have gas in the tank.
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    Obstructed Heat Exchanger Outlet

    +1 on muriatic acid.....You can get it at most swimming pool supply houses. It is used for cleaning the corrosion out of pool filter fingers. Nothing to do but soak it and then hose out good with fresh water.
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    New Shammy owner repower questions...

    It has already been brought up about different starters/alternators/ flame arrestors for spark purposes but if you are installing an auto engine also do yourself a favor and get a complete new "Brass" freeze plug kit for the engine. Do away with the old auto steel freeze plugs. They don't like...
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    Getting Cold in Maryland Friday

    Winterized my engine this afternoon.....Rather be safe than sorry, especially running a Yanmar Diesel.....Those things are expensive to replace.
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    Winterizing double check

    I do it the same way you are describing with the flush connection. I stick the hose in a 5 gal bucket with 2 gal of anti freeze and 2 gal of water for a 50/50 mix and run her until I get a good flow of the mixture coming out the exhaust.
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    Boat sinks in Jupiter Inlet guys were getting a little wet making the trip to the Artificial Reef weren't you???? I always loved that PH picture.
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    Do I need/want trailer brakes?

    It may be able to pull 6500 lbs but I sure wouldn't want to try to stop that weight in a hurry. That was the case with my truck and the incident I spoke of......Just my $.02
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    Boat sinks in Jupiter Inlet

    you're correct, a drone had never occurred to me.
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    Do I need/want trailer brakes?

    Personally I would not attempt that trip without brakes if possible, especially with highway speeds. I've trailed short distances without brakes but have always done so at slow speeds. I was once trailering my first Mako 23 inboard with a trailer not having brakes. It was in a light rain after a...
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    Boat sinks in Jupiter Inlet

    Something about the video seems strange to me. You can tell by the way that the video follows the boat and zooms in and out that it was not shot by someone on the side of the inlet. It appears to me that it was filmed from an aircraft (probably a helicopter). You don't suppose that this could...

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